Mom's Viral 'Glass Skin' Routine of 25 Years Backed by Dermatologist 

A video of a mother sharing her nighttime skincare routine for "glass skin" has gone viral on TikTok—and her tips have gained professional praise.

In the video posted by @aylennpark, the mother and daughter duo can be seen trying out products such as Bobbi Brown Smoothing Cleansing Oil, which the mother says she has been using for 25 years.

Other brands mentioned in the video include Caudalie, Estée Lauder and the popular Korean skincare brand O HUI. The mother offers tips such as not neglecting the ear and neck area, double-cleansing and using a facial oil in the winter, and using a skin softener for intense hydration.

Users on TikTok were thrilled with the reveal, with one user commenting, "Not me screenshotting every product so i could try and find later", while another said, "Literally went and bought it all." One user praised the mother's consistent use of products, writing, "the real deal here is your mom has been using using these since ages. I think the real secret there is sticking to it holistically."

According to the Derma Institute, not washing your face at night or using proper nighttime skincare can potentially age your face seven times faster than establishing a good routine with the right skincare.

Newsweek spoke to Dr. Emmaline Ashley, a cosmetic physician with a background in biology, dermatology, and surgery specializing in medical aesthetics and science-based skincare, about the perfect nighttime routine.

What Is Glass Skin?

You may have heard of the 'glaze donut' trend, which involves piling product after product on your face, but glass skin refers to a clear, flawless complexion that is almost reflective due to even skin tone and hydration.

A stock image of a woman doing her night time skincare routine. According to the Derma Institute, not taking your makeup off at night can age your skin seven times faster than using a good nighttime skincare routine. byryo/Getty Images

"The skin appears luminously smooth, translucent, and intensely hydrated," said Dr. Ashley. "This is a skincare trend that is popular in many Asian cultures, and that has been introduced to the rest of the world mainly via K-beauty."

While "glass skin" describes the look of the skin, Dr. Ashley said that "there is no harm to having a consistent skincare routine that is focused on nourishing and hydrating your skin. I never really achieved glass skin until I started using CellDerma GF5 growth factor, which just pushed my skincare to the next level."

Should I Regularly Switch Skincare Products?

Some of us like to switch it up and go with the latest trends, and some of us rely on old faithfuls, but what's best? "There are huge advantages to using the same product for a long time," said Dr. Ashley. "As any skincare clinician will tell you, the key to skincare is patience and consistency."

She said that if you follow the trends too much and stop using a product after a couple of weeks, you won't get to experience the full potential of the product. "Remember that skin is constantly regenerating, with cells from the living layer at the bottom moving up to the top layer. It takes approximately 28 days for your skin to go through one cycle, and this slows down as we get older. For your skin to fully benefit from a product, you need to be using it over the course of several skin cycles."

Dr. Emmaline Ashley's Top Tips For The Perfect Nighttime Skincare Routine

  • Double cleanse! I use Clinisoothe+, which is an absolute staple in my skincare routine, then make sure all potential make up and pollutants are gone with something like micellar water.
  • Layer on a super serum or essence. My current secret weapon is CellDerma's GF5 growth factor serum.
  • Use an active ingredient! Either an exfoliator like an alpha-hydroxy acid, or vitamin C serum is a great antioxidant that can do wonders to even out skin tone.
  • High-quality retinoids have innumerable anti-ageing benefits but also keep skin tone and texture even and clear.
  • Finish with a really good skin softener or moisturizer.
  • Most importantly, make sure you have a good night's sleep! Lack of sleep will be reflected in your skin in the next morning.

Should I Double Cleanse?

Double-cleansing has become a popular skincare trend, but for good reason. It means using two different cleansers, usually one oil-based and one not, to remove all traces of makeup and dirt from your face.

"Double-cleansing ensures that you are thoroughly removing makeup and other impurities, as well as removing any excess oil and bacteria from your skin," said Dr. Ashley. "You are also giving your subsequent skincare products a clean blank canvas so they can work most effectively."

What Is A Skin Softener?

A skin softener is an important step in your skincare regime, and is slightly different to a standard moisturizer. It will help prepare your skin so it can better absorb the rest of your skincare.


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"Skin softeners are very intense moisturizers that are formulated to really hydrate your skin," said Dr. Ashley. "It is usually recommended if you have any issues with your skin barrier, or are finding that your skin is particularly dehydrated."

Should I Focus On The Ears And Neck?

You can do as much anti-ageing work as you like to your face, but eventually, if you neglect the neck, it will show your age even if your face looks 10 years younger. Ears and necks are often overlooked, but as Dr. Ashley points out, "They are exposed to the same environmental pollutants and UV radiation as the skin on your face! All of these extrinsic factors that accelerate ageing should be protected against."

Do I Need An Eye Cream?

There is a debate as to whether we need to use a specific eye cream or whether regular moisturizer will do. However, the thinner skin around the eyes tends to dry out quicker and make us look older.

"While the skin of the under-eye is slightly thinner and more delicate, it often doesn't need a special dedicated eye cream unless that is a specific extra that you want to incorporate into your routine, or you have specific concerns around the eyes," said Dr. Ashley. "Most skincare products are perfectly fine to use around the eyes."