Golden Retriever Beauty Regime Goes Viral: 'Better Nightly Routine Than Me'

A golden retriever is the envy of social media after their owner shared a video chronicling the dog's nighttime beauty routine.

There's no denying the position of pets in the familial hierarchy has changed significantly in recent times. Dogs, for example, were once considered man's best friend but now assume the position of family member to many owners.

A poll of U.S. pet owners by market research firm Harris Interactive highlighted the societal shift, with 91 percent of those quizzed saying they considered their pet to be a member of the family. That proportion actually rose slightly to 92 percent among dog owners.

Further proof of our canine companions' newly exalted status recently arrived on social media in the shape of a video shared to TikTok by puppyy520 which showcased one golden retriever's impressively elaborate nighttime routine.

A beauty regime to rival most human ones, the clip sees the dog enjoying something approaching a facial. It begins with the pet pooch having her face washed before a paper mask is applied. A mystery spray is applied to the dog's eyes along with what looks like moisturizer to the snout.

Throughout the clip, the canine appears only too happy to be pampered in this way and puts up little resistance to the various treatments coming its way.

The video can be watched here.

The four-legged friend looks undeniably refreshed as the video comes to an end and most definitely ready for bed. But while this particular goldie was catching some ZZZs, the debate and discussion was just getting started online.

Commenting on the video, Dani Marie wrote: "Your dog has a better nightly routine than me" while Ravi Guinness was convinced: "this is how all dogs are supposed to be treated."

Belle_Chanel felt the canine had a "beautiful glow" after getting a doggy facial with internetgast in agreement and similarly in awe of how "shiny" the pet pooch was.

Not everyone was quite so impressed though.

Aero Dynamic King wrote: "And I thought I went over the top with my dog!" with positivevibeshereplease replying: "I was just about to say the same thing!"

One dog owner, posting as hannacockerina, was firmly on the fence. "I dont give facials to my dog, I think is pointless, but I do give her massages and she loves it," they wrote.

Kyliewithak_ added: "My pup won't let me near her with wash cloths, they're for shredding. But I admire your routine."

There were some who were familiar with this kind of regime though. Char St Pierre said: "Looks like I'm not the only one who does this to my golden retriever. I love it!! And he loves it."

Newsweek has contacted puppyy520 for comment.

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A dog being pampered with a hairdryer.
Stock image of a dog being pampered—one golden retriever's nightly routine is proving the envy of many on social media. alexsokolov/Gett