Golden Retriever's 'Guilty' Walk Has the Internet in Hysterics

It seems Maui, the golden retriever, believes crouching down with squinted eyes will conceal his identity after doing something naughty.

In a viral clip shared to TikTok, Maui can be seen walking as if he knows he has done something wrong. It isn't clear what occurred before the video but his owner added the following text to the video: "All the guilty dogs walking like this."

Golden Retriever
A stock image of a sad golden retriever lying on the floor. The same breed has recently gone viral on TikTok for showing off his 'guilty' walk. Veronika Saratovtseva/iStock/Getty Images Plus

However, a former veterinarian technician told Newsweek that dogs do not feel guilt.

California-based Zack Keithy said: "Dogs can exhibit behaviors that might look like guilt, but they don't actually feel guilt in the way that humans do. It is now believed by researchers that a dog's emotional development stops at a point that is somewhat similar to that of two and a half-year-old child.

"When a dog acts guilty, they are really showing an awareness that its actions have upset its owner. They are discerning at reading human body language and can tell when we're angry or upset, even if they don't understand why."

Maui's owner hasn't revealed why her dog is walking with a lower posture, which indicates he is trying to make himself look smaller. Usually, this type of walk indicates fear, according to Pet MD.

Keithy, who is the editor-in-chief at Daily Dog Drama, a blog dedicated to canines, added: "If your dog looks guilty when you come home to a chewed-up shoe, they're not actually feeling remorse for their actions. They're just responding to your body language and tone of voice. More importantly, using positive reinforcement training can help to prevent destructive behavior from even happening in the first place."

So far, the comical clip shared by @maui_thegoldenpup has 671,300 views and 114,500 likes since it was shared on February 23.

Over 790 TikTok users have also commented on the clip, one user said: "Love how they squint their eyes like you can't see them."

"As his lawyer.. he's innocent," said another person.

Another said: "That's clearly an innocent pup!"

Speaking from experience, another pet owner said: "My dog this am after pooping on the stairs. He doesn't want to go outside when it's 7 degrees."

It seems dogs are more than just a pet, the furry companions seem to provide their owners (and the internet) with plenty of entertainment.

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Newsweek reached out to @maui_thegoldenpup for comment. We could not verify the details of the case.

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