Golden Retriever Kisses 'Girlfriend' Through Fence in Adorable Viral Video

Dogs are a man's best friend but when it comes to romance, one golden retriever has found love with another four-legged pal.

In the clip, shared to TikTok by Bleuu_bear, we can see the sweet moment a Rhodesian ridgeback named Winnie bounds towards a golden retriever called Bleu.

Text overlaying the footage, which has so far gained a staggering 5.6 million views, explains: "How my dog and his girlfriend greet each other."

The two pets, who are separated by a garden fence, then can be seen touching their noses through the wire, before jumping up, supported by their paws, so they can continue touching noses and lick each other's faces.

Bleuu_bear has captioned the adorable footage, which can be watched here, writing: "Doggy kisses #rhodesianridgeback #dogsofttiktok #bestfriend #girlfriend #girlfriendsoftiktok #boyfriend #boyfriendsoftiktok #goldenretriever #cute."

The clip has gained lots of traction online since it was shared on January 10, having attracted 1.1 million likes and 24,500 shares.

Many people also rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on the sweet footage.

One TikTok user, Hails, wrote: "You can't convince me they aren't dating."

Another person, Maddy, typed: "They were together in a past life 1000 percent."

Grace shared: "Never thought i'd be jealous of a dog."

Hayley Chan admitted: "Why does tiktok have to constantly remind me of how single I am."

Eileen shared: "They got a better love life than I do."

Mari joked: "If dog have boyfriend, why me no boyfriend?"

Ethan playfully asked: "How do you know they're official?"

Elo commented: "They've got more romance that we're gonna get in our entire lives."

Recently, another golden retriever's relationship went viral on TikTok, this time in a video capturing the sweet moment the dog befriended a window cleaner.

In the clip, which was posted by an account called Pawbrey, we can see the fluffy pet standing in an apartment living room as a man hanging on a harness lowers himself into view to begin cleaning the glass.

The excited pooch then immediately begins barking and leaps up and down while wagging her tail, before then collecting a fish-shaped toy to offer her new pal.

Additionally, why not take a look at this funny clip of a dog howling away to another pooch on a video call?

In the clip we can see a large fluffy pooch jumping up in a living room and howling at the large TV as a huge white canine on screen howls right back at him.

A Golden Retriever dog
A stock image of a Golden Retriever. On TikTok one golden retriever has gone viral in a video of him kissing his canine girlfriend. Getty Images

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