Golden Retrievers' Reason for Ruining the Window Seat Melts Hearts

A couple of dogs named Chowder and Gumbo have melted hearts all over the internet after their owner explained why they scratch the window seat.

The viral video was shared on TikTok on Tuesday by their owner, under the username Chowderandgumbo. The two golden retrievers can be seen sitting by the window, on a fluffy blanket that their owner just put out for them.

A caption explained: "I used to get mad at my dogs for scratching up the window seat but when I realized they get up there to watch me coming home from work I decided to add some blankets so they can be cozy while they wait for me." This was followed by: "We don't deserve dogs."

dogs waiting for owner melt hearts
Stock images of two golden retrievers laying down on the floor and (inset top left) of a woman coming home from work. A couple of golden retrievers waiting for their owner by the window have melted hearts online. Getty Images

According to Psychology Today, dogs miss their owners when they're gone. A 2011 test by Therese Rehn and Linda Keeling studied dog behavior when left alone. They found that, after two hours of being alone, dogs greeted their owners with more intensity than after 30 minutes of being left alone.

However, the same study showed there was no change between two and four hours. This suggests that dogs can tell the difference between 30 minutes and two hours, but it's not clear if they can tell time beyond that.

The video quickly attracted animal lovers from across the platform, receiving almost 250,000 views and 12,600 likes so far.

One user, Tim McKinley, commented: "Thanks for showing animal kindness!!!" and jerelyn posted: "this is so precious omg."

TikTok user melly96k wrote: "Aww yes, one day they won't be here to climb up there & watch you come home." And Carstarzz added: "I catch my dog on my bed when I get home. I don't get mad but we pretend like 'uh oh'. But he's watching me from the window."

Another user, snowdogmommy, wrote: "Mommy or Daddy coming home is the best part of their day." And nancyrectorphillips said: "We call that 'Paw Patrol.'" Raye added: "We all liked that* the Golden association approves."

Salie house commented: "that is just precious. waiting for mom and dad." And Andrea Hannah wrote: "Gorgeous."

Newsweek reached out to Chowderandgumbo for comment. We could not verify the details of the case.

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