Golden Retrievers Welcome Newborn Baby in Heartwarming Viral Video

A video showing a pair of golden retriever's adorable reaction to their new family member has gone viral online, amassing more than 2.6 million views.

In the clip, posted to TikTok by Morgan Barbieri, we can see a man walking into a living room holding his newborn son.

He is followed by two very excited-looking dogs, who wag their tails and walk up to him as he sits down with the baby.

The animals then begin sniffing the young child before one licks him on his tiny foot, then his face and mouth.

The adorable video, which can be watched here, is captioned: "Welcome home baby Caysen, my heart is so full #goldenretriever #babybrother."

The heartwarming clip has gained lots of traction online since it was posted on September 5, having garnered more than 258,500 likes at the time of writing.

Many people have also rushed to the comments section to share their opinions on the sweet moment.


Welcome home baby Caysen, my heart is so full #goldenretriever #babybrother

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One TikTok user, Christina Holloway, wrote: "We don't deserve dogs," alongside a crying-face emoji.

Another person, Tvalencia4, added: "That's their baby too and just as excited as you are to have the baby. They will be very very protective of their baby brother."

Miss_jaayy gushed: "The way they aggressively licked him! 'You have been baptized'. The bay belongs to the doggos!"

Incara typed: "Thank you for not pushing them away, they're just trying to love their new bubba."

Mary Kelleher stated: "That's how they show love for the baby thank you for sharing and letting them show baby love."

User5096968489862 observed: "Heartwarming. Dad's right there 'teaching' love. Blending his beautiful family. Just beautiful."

User3820609194494 commented: "That's okay there is nothing wrong with the fact that they love the baby and they're going to take care of the baby dogs can sense they know."

9021rules explained: "The love is so pure but the face kisses to his mouth are so full of bacteria."

Pet nutrition specialists Hill's Pet explain "dog saliva can carry such dangerous bacteria as Salmonella and E. coli, as well as parasites like Giardia and Cryptosporidium."

While the site acknowledges "there is little evidence that doggie kisses are a means of transmission" it does say that babies are one of the categories of people who should avoid being kissed by dogs.

Recently footage also went viral on TikTok showing a baby relaxing in their crib while being guarded by two American bull dogs wearing chain collars.

The clip, which was posted to social media on June 15 by TheBullyDistrict, and has so far amassed more than 256,900 views and 23,200 likes.

The clip is captioned: "Boss baby with his bodyguards #americanbully #dogsoftiktok #dogsandbabies #dogsandkids."

Golden retrievers
A stock image of two golden retrievers running together. On TikTok two similar-looking dogs have gone viral in a video of them greeting and kissing a newborn baby. Getty Images