Goofy Horse Photobombs Maternity Photo Shoot With Hilarious Results

A couple's maternity photo shoot was photobombed by a goofy horse—and has now gone viral on Facebook.

Photographer Kristen Zaffiro, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, shared the hilarious images with the caption: "THIS photo session...I laughed so hard! Who knew when I told THIS horse to smile, he would!! Best maternity session ever with Amanda Eckstein."

The pictures show Eckstein and her partner Phillip E Werner posing with their horses. Although the photo shoot was meant to be a celebration of the couple and their pregnancy, Buckshot the horse stole the show with his comical facial expressions.

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Eckstein and Werner's photo album has been liked by more than 123,000 people on Facebook and has amassed 27,000 comments.

Social media users found the photos heartwarming and hilarious. Kimberly Desrochers wrote: "I'm dying! Not to sound creepy or anything, but I wish I knew this couple so I could hang one of their pictures in my house. These are just the best photos ever! Congratulations to all!"

Misty Ludlam-Pruett posted: "Love how the horse goes from a small smile to looking like he's dying of laughter. Congratulations on getting a new family member."

Peggy Finton commented: "Those are not photos. They are memories made for them to have in photos to tell their child. I love it. Made me smile and laugh so hard. Beautiful work."

Wendy Holmes Graham wrote: "This was so funny that I had tears in my eyes! It's also one of the most beautiful and touching things I have seen in a very long time. Bless this beautiful family and their very special horse. I hope he has his own bedroom in the house."

Buckshot's behavior came as no surprise to Eckstein, who told Today Parents that the horse "loves to be the center of attention and being in the midst of everything."

She added: "Like, our maternity shoot is all about him. We were trying to get photos with the rest of our horses, and he would keep walking by. He knew what he was doing."

Buckshot is the "class clown," she told TODAY Parents. "He'll open the gates and set the other horses loose.

"He thinks it's funny to bust through fences. He's constantly doing silly things—like we've had horses untied in the middle of the night."

In a Facebook comment, Zaffiro said she would be returning after the baby's birth to take photos of Buckshot with the new arrival. If the maternity shoot is anything to go by, those photos will be remarkable, too.

Horse pulling a funny face
Stock image of a horse pulling a funny face. A goofy horse stole the show at a maternity photo shoot for an Ohio couple Buffy1982/Getty