'Grace and Frankie': What Dolly Parton Has Said About Appearing on the Show

Grace and Frankie has given fans a sneak peek of its seventh season, with the first four episodes streaming on Netflix now. That leaves just 12 episodes to come in 2022—a dozen episodes that fans hope may feature Dolly Parton.

The 75-year-old singer and actor appeared alongside Grace and Frankie stars Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin in the film 9 to 5, and now viewers are hoping that four decades later the trio can star on screen together again.

As Parton has a pre-existing relationship with Netflix thanks to the film Christmas on the Square and her series Dolly Parton's Heartstrings, the signs are good that she will be able to appear. Here's what the singer herself has told interviewers about whether she will appear on the show.

What Dolly Parton Has Said About Grace and Frankie

Though numerous publications reported in February that Parton is definitely set to appear in Season 7 of Grace and Frankie, she hasn't actually filmed her part yet.

The story that she was set to appear on the Netflix show came from quotes she gave during an interview on British daytime talk show Lorraine, when she said he would "probably" do the show.

The country legend said: "I've been trying to do Grace and Frankie for years...We've been trying to write me in somehow. So when it's safe for us to actually do a production when they're back, I'll probably get around to doing that."

This interview was given in February 2021. Filming only began on the show in July, and is set to continue until October. So far, Netflix has given no official indication that Parton is set to cameo in the final 12 episodes of the final season of Grace and Frankie.

However, in a more recent interview, that "probably" had turned into an "absolutely." In July 2021, she said on Watch What Happens Live, "this is their last year, their last season, so we're figuring out how they want to use me. But I am absolutely going to be on it this year."

Parton, Tomlin and Fonda Reunion

Parton has previously said that she and the show's team had been trying to get her on for a cameo throughout the show's run, but were unable to sort out the scheduling. When Parton, Tomlin and Fonda presented an award together at the Emmys in 2017, the former said: "Personally, I have been waiting for a 9 to 5 reunion ever since we did the first one."

She later joked: "I'm here to have a good time tonight. I'm just hoping that I'm gonna get one of those Grace and Frankie vibrators in my swag bag."

Accepting an award in 2019 at the Paley Center, Tomlin said: "We hope Dolly makes it this last season. She's got to. Write her and tell her."

In January 2021, Tomlin revealed on Today that the show's writers had created a role for her one-time 9 to 5 co-star.

"Well, we're always hoping that will happen. We've got a great role for her this time. I think she will do it."

She also revealed, however, that though the pair would appear on screen together if things went well, it would not be a physical reunion. Tomlin said: "We hope she can do it and we think she can do it by remote."

Grace and Frankie Seasons 1 to 6 and Season 7 Episodes 1 to 4 are streaming on Netflix now. The rest of Season 7 will arrive in 2022.

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Lily Tomlin, Dolly Parton and Jane Fonda gave out an award together at the 2017 Emmys. Getty