'Granny' Game Update 1.4: How to Get Car Keys, Make Shotgun and Other Update Features

Wonder where to find the car keys or what the shotgun is for in the latest Granny horror game update? Check out our complete walkthrough of the new 1.4 update including how to find the garage, sauna, put together the shotgun, get the car keys and more, here.

The Granny horror game dev, dropped another awesome update for the game last week that adds new hidden spaces and items to the game. A couple of the objects that have been particularly perplexing are the car and the shotgun. What exactly are they used for and how do you find them in the game? We've covered these questions and more in our complete walkthrough of the new update posted below. Check it out, and if there's anything we missed, be sure to share in the comments below and we'll add it to the post. Meanwhile, if you need a walkthrough of other parts of Granny's house or steps for beating the game, we've got those covered in our other Granny game posts found, here.

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Granny Game Update 1.4: How To Get and Use Car Keys, Make Shotgun and Other Update Features

As mentioned, the latest Granny update brought several new features, most of which are related to a new underground car garage area. Let's first walk you through how to get there, then we'll discuss everything found in that area.

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The car garage is found in a basement area under the main basement. DVloper

How To Find New Car Garage Area

To find the new car garage area, you need to start off by going down to Granny's basement. Once there, make your way to the main staircase. Facing the staircase, on the right you'll see some barrels and a wooden bench. To the left a narrow hallway that takes you behind the stairs. Go down the narrow hallway until you are at the back of the stairs. Once there, turn around slowly until you see the new staircase appear. This staircase leads down to the second basement or Car Garage. Here's everything you'll find in the second basement and how to use it.

Car - As you head down the stairs the first thing you'll see is the car. It's old and locked and will require finding the car key. Once you get the key you can use it to unlock following parts of the car

  • Trunk - tools are now hidden here
  • Front Hood - opening it appears to serve no purpose
  • Front Car Doors - you can get in the car to hide from Granny
  • Glove Compartment - this is found on the front passenger side. It can be opened but doesn't serve a purpose currently.

Car Key: Where To Find It - The key will be hidden in one of the several different locations throughout the house. You can find out where items are hiding in the house here.

Garage Door - There is a big sliding garage door that you can open to expose a brick wall that has a message painted on it saying "You can't escape."

Sauna - There is a small door beside the stairs that leads to a sauna. Outside the door is an on and off switch to get the Sauna going. The Sauna door has a wood board that can be used to barricade and lock granny in the Sauna if you can manage to get her in there. We'll be doing a tutorial on how that works soon.

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The shotgun is a new weapon in Granny update 1.4 DVloper

Shotgun Mold - At the back of the garage is a table with some shotgun bullets on it and what looks like a shotgun puzzle missing the pieces.

  • How To Put The Shotgun Together - You'll need to go through the house looking for pieces of the shotgun (There are three). Once you find them all, place them in the shotgun mold in the basement and they will assemble into a tool you can use.
  • How Does The Shotgun Work? - You can use the shotgun is similar ways as you use the tranquilizer gun. If you shoot it at Granny, she is out of commission for two minutes of the game. Or you can use it to shoot down objects from hard to reach spaces like that high shelf on the main floor near the front door where the screwdriver likes to hide.

Other Misc Garage Features - In addition to the items mentioned the garage also includes a grate in the floor near the car, a shelving unit and a tiny closet for hiding at the far end of the room.

Did you find other new features in the latest Granny 1.4 update? Share them in the comments below!