'Granny' Update 1.7: How To Find New Room, Freeze Trap, Crow and More

Granny mobile horror game just got a brand new update that is one of the more sizable content additions we've seen in a while. The update not only introduces and entirely new and creepy section of the house, it also brings a new pet, freeze trap weapon and car remake. The update is just what the doctor ordered for players who love the mobile horror game but have basically seen all there is to see. If you heard about the new update but are having trouble locating the new room and other features, we've put together a complete overview of everything that's changed, along with tips for finding all the new features. If you are brand new to the Granny game, however, you may want to check out some of our earlier walkthrough posts so you understand how the game works, the areas to explore in the house, items to find, and how to beat the game.

Granny Update 1.7 Walkthrough: How To Find New Room, Pet, Freeze Trap Weapon and More

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Granny's car gets a makeover in update 1.7 Granny Horror Game

#1 New Car

The first place you'll want to go if you want to check out Granny's reworked car is the basement. There you'll see the car has taken on a more rounded appearance — similar to a Volkswagon bug. Everything about the car stays the same, including the ability to fix it or find items hidden in the trunk.

#2 New Sewer Area

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You can get to the new sewer room in Granny 1.7 from the yard or the meat room. DVloper

In update 1.7 a whole new sewer-like basement level has been added to the game. The walls of this room are covered in a yellow and white mold and there is standing water on the ground. There are two ways to find the new room:

  • Meat Closet (In secret room area) - if you go into the Meat closet towards the back and push on the wall, you'll discover it's actually a secret door to the new sewer floor of the house.
  • Yard - if you go into the yard, to the right of the playhouse, you'll find a grate in the floor. Tap to open and you'll then fall through to the sewer level.

The new room is made up of several spaces

Sewer Walkthrough

If you come in the sewer area from the yard, walk to the left and you'll see a tiny rectangular hole in the wall. If you peer through it, you'll see into a locked room with a table in it.

If you walk to the right, you'll see the door to the locked room. More details on what's inside the room and how to unlock it, are in the Weapons section below.

When you get to the door, turn around and behind it you'll see a new staircase that takes you to the upstairs portion of the sewer. The first part of the room features a chimney, and storage cabinet, a stack of crates and a barrel. Granny's new pet is also found in this portion of the house. We have more details on the pet and how to deal with it, below.

Granny, update, 1.7, how, to, find, new, room, freeze, trap, pet, crow, weapon, car, tips, walkthrough, guide, horror, game
You'll need a hammer to knock down the planks on the boarded up room. DVloper

Towards the back of the sewer upstairs room, you'll enter a new area with Granny's picture on the wall. There, you'll find a door to a closet that leads to the Meat Room and a boarded up wall. You will need to use a hammer on the wall to get the planks down. Inside that room is a barrel that has an item hidden on top. We found the meat for Granny's spider there.

#3 New Weapon: How To Find and Use The Freeze Trap

The newest weapon you can wield against Granny is called a Freeze Trap and it's probably one of the coolest we've seen yet. It looks like a fire detector but has a snowflake symbol on top. The new weapon is found behind a locked door in the new sewer area.

Granny, update, 1.7, how, to, find, new, room, freeze, trap, pet, crow, weapon, car, tips, walkthrough, guide, horror, game
The new Freeze Trap added in Granny 1.7 update is found in a locked room in the sewer area. DVloper

To Unlock the Door:

  • Go to the weapon room and get the Tranquilizer gun and darts
  • Go to the sewer room and stand in front of the window to the locked room.
  • Aim the tranquilizer gun at the red door knob
  • If you hit the knob, the door unlocks.

After you've unlocked the door, you'll find the new Freeze Trap sitting on top of a table in the room. Don't be alarmed by the skeleton hanging out on the floor!

How the Freeze Trap Works

Granny, update, 1.7, how, to, find, new, room, freeze, trap, pet, crow, weapon, car, tips, walkthrough, guide, horror, game
If you push Granny over while she is frozen, she'll shatter into pieces! DVloper

To use the Freeze Trap, you just need to lay it on the floor in a place where you think Granny will step on it. If she steps on it, she'll immediately turn to ice and remain frozen for two minutes. The fun thing about this new weapon is, while Granny is frozen you can knock her over and she'll shatter into pieces. Be careful not to step on the trap yourself, or you'll have trouble moving for a short time.

#4 New Pet: How To Find and Feed Granny's Pet Crow

Granny, update, 1.7, how, to, find, new, room, freeze, trap, pet, crow, weapon, car, tips, walkthrough, guide, horror, game
Granny's pet Crow perches in a cage in the new sewer room added to update 1.7. DVloper

If you go into the new sewer space, just beyond the locked door where the Freeze Trap is found, you'll find a new staircase. This staircase leads to an upper level of the sewer. On the wall you'll see a fireplace. To the left of the fireplace is a storage cabinet where you may find items needed to beat the game. To the right is a stack of crates with a green cage on top. Inside the cage you'll find Granny's new pet Crow . In the cage with the Crow, you'll see an important item needed to beat the game. When we opened it, the Wheel Cog was there. You won't be able to just reach in and grab it, or the Crow will attack you. Like Granny's spider, you'll need to distract it.

How to Distract Granny's Crow - to distract the Crow, you'll need to feed it. Look in the house for Bird Seed (we found it in a kitchen cabinet). Bring it back to the room with the Crow and look for a Barrel in one of the corners. On top of the barrel is a bowel. Pour the bird seed in the bowl and the Crow will come out and eat for a few seconds so you can retrieve the item from the cage. Work quickly, though, or the bird will attack you again.

What do you think of the latest Granny update? Do you like the new Freeze Trap? Share your thoughts in comments below.