'Granny' Horror Game Walkthrough: Cheat List for Every Room Including Hidden Weapon Passage

Started playing the Granny Horror Game but having trouble finding rooms and items you need? Check out our complete walkthrough of Granny's new, larger house along with tips for finding objects you need in it, here.

The Granny horror game has become somewhat of a sensation since its December release on the Apple App and Google Play store and has continued to grow in popularity every time the developer launches a new update. The most recent update not only added new weapons and a more difficult gameplay mode, it also brought expansions to the size of the house, making it even creepier and more difficult to manage. If you are new to the Granny horror game, you may be having a little difficulty figuring out where everything is and how to complete the required tasks for breaking free before Granny finds and brains you. For those hoping to get a better handle on the house's new layout, we've provided a complete walkthrough or cheat list for each level of the house from the ground floor to second level, basement, and hidden passageways. Check it all out below, along with a few tips for find items you'll need throughout the game. Additionally, if you are looking for a strategy guide with steps for beating the Granny game, you can check out write up, here.

UPDATE: 03/13/19: Granny has received a new update 1.7 that adds a whole new section to the house and features a Freeze Trap weapon, new pet Crow and Car remodel. Check out iour complete walkthrough of the update, here.

UPDATE 08/28/18: Granny horror game has received update 1.5 that includes a new way to escape Granny, an extra Slenderina Easter Egg and a pet for Granny. Check out our walkthrough of the new update, here.

UPDATE 05/30/18: Granny horror gamehas received another new update that includes a car garage, shotgun, sauna and more. Learn how to make the shotgun or find other new things in the game by checking out our post, here.

UPDATE 03/30/18: Granny horror game has received another new update that includes a teddy, new backyard and more. To learn how to use teddy or beat the game with the new update, check out our post, here.

Granny Game Walkthrough: Cheat List Of Every Room and Object In The House Of Horrors

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The ground floor stairs to Granny's house are found just outside the room you start in. Player.One

The Granny horror house is made of three distinct floors - ground floor, upstairs and basement. There are a number of different stairways in the house (some of them hidden) that will get you to the various rooms. The main thing to keep in mind when moving around Granny's house is that all the levels wind around. This means rooms are laid out in a circular fashion and you can usually get to every room through a connected outer hallway or through doorways inside of the rooms. Each time you start a new game or day, you'll begin in an upstairs room, outside of which, are the stairs to the first or ground floor. Here is a detailed walkthrough of each room by Floor Level. You can also check out a video walkthrough at the bottom of the post.

Ground/First Floor

granny, horror, game, walkthrough, update, cheats, rooms, items, iOS, android
The kitchen is one of several rooms on the first floor of the Granny horror house. Player.One

You can get to the ground floor from the basement or the second story of the house. If you are coming out of the room you started in, you'll see the stairs ahead on the left. Once down the stairs, these are the rooms you'll see.

  • Foyer with Barred Front Door - once down the stairs you'll be in the Foyer. The contains the main door you are trying to escape through, but it has been barred up and has an electric alarm on it. There are doors to the right and left of this room that wind around to each other room on the ground floor.
  • Living & Dining Rooms - The door to the left of the barred door will take you to a set of living spaces conjoined rooms that wind around. The first room has an armchair and lamp. The second, more living room furniture and a bookcase/cabinet. This room then leads into dining room area with table and chairs and another cabinet. These like dresser drawers, these cabinets can be opened will sometimes have a tool you need in it.
  • Kitchen - Off that room is a kitchen with a large table, counters, and sink. Over and under the counter are cabinets that can be open. There is also a microwave on the counter. If you go through the final doorway, you'll be taken back out to the hall with the barred door.
  • Staircases - In the foyer with the barred door, you'll see two staircases. Once goes upstairs (you begin the game in the first room up there) and one leads to the basement. Under the set of stairs that go up is a small closet that will sometimes hold a needed item. There is also a wardrobe in this hall you can use to hide from Granny.

2nd Floor (Upstairs)

granny, horror, game, walkthrough, update, cheats, rooms, items, iOS, android
The bathroom on the second floor will sometimes hold objects you need. Player.One

As with the base floor, the upstairs portion of the house winds around a connected landing. You can get to each room of the upstairs by just continuing down the hallway/landing. Here's each room found upstairs.

Bedroom 1: You start out the game each time in what appears to be a bedroom. Here are the items in the room and how you can use them. You can also use similar items in other rooms, the same way

  • Bed - this looks like a low table because it has no bedding on it but you can climb under it to hide from Granny if you hear her coming.
  • Table with Vase - I'm not sure if the vase is useful in this game. You can pick it up, but I'd advise staying away from the table altogether as it's easily knocked over, alerting Granny to your location.
  • Long Table - this table doesn't serve any real purpose. The number of days you have or chances remaining to get out of the house is carved into the wood.
  • Dresser - top drawers can be searched and will sometimes contain a hidden item you need. Any dressers, cabinets or other items with doors in Granny's house can hold objects (ex: keys, hammer, wire cutters)
  • Wardrobe - you can open this and climb in to hide from Granny -- just shut the door behind you!

Bathroom - to the left of the main room is the bathroom. There is a toilet, tub, and sink. The toilet will sometimes have a key hiding in it.

Bedrooms 2 & 3 - Down the hall, to the left of the starting room, you'll find a large pair of rooms joined by a walkthrough closet. Here's what's in each of those.

  • First Room - bed, dresser, lamp
  • Walkthrough Closet/Hidden Room - when you enter this room from the first one, on the left you'll see a tall stack of what looks like boxes or cushions. Walk/ push through it and you 'll reveal a hidden location in the house. I'll go into detail on those further down the list.
  • Second Room - as you continue through the walkthrough closet you'll get to the adjoined room. This room has a bed, table, chair, and dresser.
granny, horror, game, walkthrough, update, cheats, rooms, items, iOS, android
In the walkthrough closet, there is a stack of boxes blocking a hidden passage to the basement of Granny's house. Player.One

Secret Passage To Weapons Room and Basement Stairs - if you return to the walkthrough closet, against one of the walls you'll see what looks like a bookshelf, but if you look around all sides you'll see an entrance to a hidden portion of the house. Walking through the hidden space, you'll enter a small room with a table in the corner. There is a vase or some other object on top. To the back of this room, you'll see some stairs that go down. Here are the rooms located down the stairs:

  • Stair Set 1 (Hidden Closet And Weapons Room) - once down the first set of stairs you'll enter a small landing. Look around the area and you will see a bookshelf, stack of boxes blocking a closet, and on the wall a locked cabinet. This is the weapons cabinet. You will need to find the weapons key to unlock it.
  • Hidden Stair Set 2 - down the second set of stairs you'll enter another small landing. There is a door to the left. To the right, another set of stairs
  • Hidden Stair Set 3 - go down the third set of stairs and you'll see a dark room in front of you. Walk through it to get to the basement. (On the side of this star set is a metal compartment you can use a screwdriver on. Opening it will reveal a hidden key or another object you need).

Attic - at the very end of the upstairs landing, you'll see a narrow door. If you go through it, you'll see yet another set of stairs. Go up these to an attic room that looks like a sewing room. It has a mannequin, dresser, crib and closet in it. There are two attached rooms. One is blocked by some planks. Remove them to reveal the Crib Room. The other looks like a jail cell. The floor between these rooms is broken. To get to the Jail Cell room, you'll need to use the planks that were blocking the Crib room to create a bridge.

  • Mannequin Room - Behind the mannequin is a small door that you can open and go inside. On the floor of the room is a grate. If you step on the grate, you'll fall through to the bathroom. It can be a good way to escape Granny sometimes.
  • Crib Room & Slenderina - With the latest update, players can place the Teddy Bear in the crib to get Slenderina to appear.
  • Jail Cell - Go into the room and on the wall beside the rocking chair you'll see a fan. If you have the wire cutters you can use them to kill the power to the fan. There are sometimes objects you need hiding behind that fan.


granny, horror, game, walkthrough, update, cheats, rooms, items, iOS, android
On the basement wall hangs the breaker box conneted to the front door alarm. Player.One

The basement is a large a creepy area of the house. You can get to the basement from the ground floor foyer or through the secret passageway described above. There are a few specific spaces to be aware of in the basement.

  • Breaker Room - When you enter the basement you'll see a breaker box on the wall. Inside are the wires you'll have to snip to deactivate the front door alarm.
  • Stairway Passage - Wind around the corner from the breaker room and you'll see a room with another set of stairs. These stairs take you up through the secret passageway. Beside the stairs is a bench that will sometimes have an important tool on it and some barrels and crates strewn around. To the far right end of the room will be another passageway. If you follow it, it will wind around and bring you to the other side of the stairs going up to the main ground floor.

Back Yard

Granny's backyard is a whole new area of the game with a number of new objects, hidden spaces and tasks you'll need to complete there. We've provided an in-depth walkthrough of the new backyard, here.

Car Garage

The car garage is another expansion of the game that was added during the May 2018 update. The area has a number of new objects and a new weapon to craft. We've provided a complete walkthrough of the new area, how to find it and what it contains, here.