'Granny' Update 1.5: How to Use Book, Start Car, Find Pet Spider and More

The latest Granny horror game update 1.5 brings a new practice mode, extra items and a new way to escape Granny. Find out how to use the book, repair the car engine, find Granny's pet spider and other new update features, here.

The new Granny horror game update 1.5 has dropped, and with it come new objects, rooms, gameplay modes and methods of escape. If you're just delving into the update, chances are you've run into a few tricky surprises—including Granny's pet spider!

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To help you discover every part of the new update, we've put together a walkthrough of all the new features and spaces, along with how to use them. If you are brand new to the Granny game, however, you may want to check out some of our earlier walkthrough posts so you understand how the game works, the areas to explore in the house, items to find, and how to beat the game.

What's New In Granny Update 1.5?

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The new Granny update adds several new features, including a practice mode. DVloper - Dennis Vukanovic

According to the developer notes, the latest Granny update adds the following features:

  • Practice mode
  • New places to explore and items to use
  • A new pet for Granny
  • A second way to escape Granny's house
  • Granny is unconscious longer after a hit with the shotgun

Practice Mode: How It Works

Practice mode is exactly what it sounds like, letting players sneak around the house to find objects and learn how they work with one another. We wish it had been available from the game's debut as becoming acclimated to the layout of Granny's house takes some time, particularly when new rooms and features are regularly added. In Practice mode, Granny has left the house, so she won't be chasing you. Players will find a sticky note—presumably from Granny— attached to the barricaded front door with the words "I'll be back soon" written on it. This game mode is relatively safe, because you don't have to worry about Granny hunting you down. However, if you venture into one of the new rooms where Granny's pet spider is kept, it will attack you, pushing you into the next day of the game. As long as you avoid the spider room or learn how to effectively deal with it, you'll be fine.

New Book Room: How To Unlock the Angelene Easter Egg

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Angelene (Slenderina's mother) appears as a new easter egg in the latest Granny 1.5 update. DVloper - Dennis Vukanovic

Update 1.5 adds a few new spaces and items to use—one of which unlocks a new Angelene (Slenderina's mother) easter egg. To unlock it, you'll need to find three new items in the house: a Book , the Bookshelf and the Bookshelf Lever. Here is where to find each:

  • How to find the Book - We've found the book mainly hidden on shelves or in cupboards.
  • How to find the Bookshelf - The bookshelf is found on a wall of the second bedroom next to the closet that connects the two bedrooms.
  • How to find the Bookshelf Lever - This item is hidden behind the painting in the second bedroom upstairs.

How To Unlock Angelene Easter Egg

  • Find the Book first, then head to the Second Bedroom.
  • Once in the Second Bedroom, knock down the Painting to reveal the Lever.
  • Pull the Lever and then go to the Bookshelf. It should have opened to reveal a hidden Book Room.
  • Walk into the Book Room and place the Book on a Book Stand found in the middle of the room.
  • You will see Slenderina's mother, Angelene, appear at the back of the room chained to the wall by her wrists.

New Special Pet Room: How To Find Granny's Spider

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Granny has a new pet spider in the latest update DVloper - Dennis Vukanovic

In addition to the Book Room, the update adds a new Pet Room hidden in the Attic. The Pet Room door is located in the attic room with a clothing mannequin in it. On the wall next to an old chest is the new Pet Room door. Opening it requires a special key.

  • Where to find the Special Key - The key is a four-pronged tool that you will need to find. We've seen the key show up in the Kitchen cabinets, microwave, Meat room and the Hidden room or closet.

Once you've found the Special Key, you can open the door to the Secret Pet Room. There, you'll go up a few stairs to a room that has a table, a cabinet, some barrels and an empty plate on the floor. On one wall you'll see a red button . To the right of the button is a wooden crate with the lid open. The crate contains Granny's new pet spider. If it sees you, it'll come running out and attack you, and you'll have to start a new day of the game. The cabinet in this room sometimes has an item you'll need, in so you need to know how to deal with Granny's spider in order to reach it. There are two methods of dealing with the spider:

  • Feed it - With this method, you will need to find the new piece of Meatand bring it upstairs to place on the empty plate. The spider will come out and eat the meat. You'll have to move quickly as it will attack once it's finished eating if you don't get out in time. Here are some places we've seen the meat spawn:
    • Where to find the Meat - Upstairs toilet, shed in the yard, kitchen cupboard or cabinets, above Baby Room drawers.
  • Cage it - The second way to deal with the spider is to trap it in the cage. You do this by grabbing the shotgun or tranquilizer gun and shooting at the red button near the spider crate. If you are successful, the wood plank above the crate slide down, trapping the spider. Your aim has to be really good to pull this one off, though.

New Way To Escape: How to Start the Car

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You now have a second way to escape using the car in the Granny horror game. DVloper - Dennis Vukanovic

The Car garage was a new feature introduced in update 1.4. Up to this point, its main use has been hiding. Now, with update 1.5, players can use the vehicle as a second means of escape from Granny. Here's how to do it:

  • Find the Car key - You'll need this to unlock the trunk and start the car. Open the trunk of the car once you find it. In the trunk you'll see the gas tank.
  • Gas up the Car - To fuel up the car, you have to find a can of Gasoline in the house. Once you find it, take it to the trunk and fill up the gas tank.
  • Find Engine pieces - To get the engine running, you will need to find and adhere several pieces under the hood of the car.
    • Engine Body - Find it and put it on top of the engine block.
    • Wrench - Use the wrench to tighten the engine body onto the block (you'll have to tighten all eight screws.
    • Car Battery and Spark Plug - These must be found and installed under the hood
  • Find the Padlock key - You'll need to use this to unlock the garage door. Once the door is unlocked, tap on the garage door handle to open it. You'll see the same brick wall, but the scary message won't be present.
  • Start the Car - If you've followed all these steps, you should be able to get into the car and start it up. You will need to go into Reverse and Forward several times to bang against the brick wall in the car. Once you've broken it down, a new ending will trigger where the player escapes in the car as Granny watches.