Great Bernese Sums Up Dog Ownership in Hilarious Clip: 'Not Your Leg'

Dogs never fail to amaze their owners with the sheer quantity of bizarre scraps they accumulate on walks, and this TikTok-famous Bernese Mountain dog is no exception. The pup has generated laughs across the internet after being seen running through a field of snow with what appears to be a leg between his teeth.

The caption aptly read: "That's not your leg."

The video, which can be seen here, was uploaded to the social media platform by @BunsenBernerBMT on February 16. To date, it has received over 1 million views, more than 300 comments and in excess of 27,400 likes. The account looks to be dedicated to rounding up and sharing adorable pet-related content.

"Until you have a dog you have no idea what could be eaten," the video's poster wrote alongside the social media extract.

The pup's owner can be heard comically shouting to his dog: "Hey, that's a gross leg, leave it, you don't know whose leg that is."

How Can You Stop Your Dog From Picking Up Waste?

Finding unpleasant items in your home—or even having to pull them from your pup's firmly shut mouth while on a walk—is a reality that most dog owners grapple with on a daily basis.

Dogs are hunters, and because of that innate nature they love to follow their noses and pick up anything that they find while out and about with their families. This can provide some amusement at first, but it can quickly become a hassle for owners.

VCA Hospitals wrote that dogs are prone to scavenging on walks, but that the trick to keeping this at bay lies in teaching them the "leave it" command.

"Often the command "leave it" is used to teach dogs not to pick up items," VCA Hospitals said.

"It is easiest to teach 'leave it' using a head collar and leash. Start with the dog wearing a head collar and an adult holding the leash. The dog is then walked toward an item he may wish to pick up, such as a paper bag or plastic food container," the animal health firm continues.

When training their pets to "leave it" owners should choose objects that are not of any particular value to them personally, and objects that will not prove enjoyable to the dog.

"As the dog reaches for the item, calmly say, 'leave it' and turn the dog's head using the head collar; quickly offer a food reward and 'good dog' as the head comes toward you. Repeat several times with low-value items," VCA Hospitals added.

Stock image of a Bernese Mountain puppy. Dogs are prone to scavenging while out and about. Getty Images

What Do The Comments Say?

The hilarious clip has resonated with many dog-owning TikTok users that have had to tolerate their pets picking up unwanted trash.

"Dog ownership in a nutshell," one amused user wrote.

Another user commented: "My magician of a dog would escape the yard and one day he brought home an entire severed deer head, he would roll it down the hill and chase it."

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