Groom Divides Opinion Online After Appearing to Work on Laptop on Wedding Day

Talk about a dedicated work-from-home employee.

An Indian groom preparing for his wedding has caused a stir online after footage emerged in which he appears to be working remotely on his laptop before the ceremony begins.

Viral video of the distracted husband-to-be was originally posted on the Instagram account @jayraj_photo_phactory and has since been viewed nearly 2.5 million times since uploading two weeks ago. It was subsequently posted on the popular Indian wedding page @dulhaniyaa, where it has been viewed over half a million times.

The video starts with the camera zooming in on the groom, intently at work on his laptop as members of the wedding party prepare for the ceremony around him. The camera then turns to the bride and several women surrounding her on a sofa, where she appears to find humor in the situation and laughs.

The video then turns back to the groom, now showing another man what he is doing on his screen. Once the digital task appears completed, the groom hands off his laptop.

"Work from home nah.. [it's] work from Wedding !!" text overlay on the video reads.

The groom's actions quickly divided opinion, with several taking to the comments to joke about what could have been so important that the man needed to use his laptop on his wedding day.

"Groom be like: Wedding expenses also have to be paid," one viewer hypothesized. "Must be deleting his old girlfriend pics from laptop at the last minute... Doesn't seems like working," another joked.

However, many did not find it laughable that the man was reportedly so dedicated to his work that he could not take a break on the day of his nuptials.

"I don't understand what's funny. If your worklife can't give you one special day to yourself. It's not funny," one concerned viewer commented. "His manager should be ashamed totally not funny," another chimed in.

The unnamed groom is not alone in his preference to work from home. In America, the percentage of employees working from home in 2020 nearly doubled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

As companies work to make office spaces COVID-safe, moving desks further apart and installing plexiglass between stations, about 66 percent of employees are worried about the health risks of returning to the office, with only a mere 13 percent say they're not concerned at all. Meanwhile, more than six in 10 workers believe companies should make getting a vaccine mandatory before employees are allowed back in the office—roughly the same number who fear their employer will relax COVID-19 safety measures too soon.

Some viewers did come to the man's defense, saying that he could be doing something important that could not wait.

"Dedicated work companies dream employee," one wrote. "He is just setting up video call so that other people can attend virtual wedding," one viewer offered, given the record-breaking COVID-19 cases in India. The country confirmed in early July that 400,312 citizens had died from the coronavirus, half of them from the past two months, as the Delta variant sweeps across the nation.

According to a report from NDTV, this groom is not alone in his alleged screen addiction. In February, another bride was left waiting on her new husband who sat intently at his computer. Still in his wedding attire, the woman sat waiting in bed for him after their lavish ceremony, and the photo quickly took off on Twitter.

Newsweek reached out to @jayraj_photo_phactory for comment but did not hear back in time for publication. Newsweek was also not independently able to verify the events of the video.

Also in India, viral footage emerged of an angry bride allegedly upset at an unsatisfactory gift given to her by her new husband's friends. Another groom in India reportedly called off his wedding shortly before the ceremony was due to take place because the bride's family hadn't prepared a dish he wanted. To add insult to injury, the groom allegedly married another woman later that very day.

Groom stirs controversy working on laptop
A groom has caused controversy online for allegedly working on his laptop before his wedding ceremony with his future wife in the room. Above, a Portuguese bride and groom greet their parents and family watching their ceremony via their laptops during an outdoor wedding ceremony. ROMEO GACAD/AFP/Getty Images