Bride Allegedly Furious at 'Embarrassing' Wedding Gift in Video Viewed 10 Million Times

This bride has a taste for the finer things in life.

Footage of an Indian wedding has gone viral on Facebook in which it appears that the bride is greatly displeased over a gift she was given to celebrate her nuptials.

The video was posted Facebook by Banty Thakur, who referred to the bride as his "sister-in-law" in the caption. Although the was originally uploaded in early June, it has only recently gone viral, having amassed over 10 million views and nearly 320,000 likes.

The brief clip starts as the bride and groom appear to open wedding gifts from their guests. The bride, donning the traditional makeup and garb associated with Indian nuptials, opens a wrapped gift to find that she was presented with what appears to be a baby bottle used for nursing infants.

The bride allegedly was displeased with the offering and is seen glaring at someone off-camera and throwing the boxed bottle away. Her husband smiles next to her as she appears to sulk and readjust her outfit.

A person offscreen retrieves the abandoned bottle and places it again in the bride's lap. As she looks away and seems to be visibly annoyed, the anonymous hand takes the gift out of the frame. The video ends with the bride seemingly upset.

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According to a report from The India Times, the baby bottle was a gift from the groom's friends, who wanted to "poke fun at the newlywed couple." While they found humor in the silly gift, the bride allegedly did not and deemed the gift "embarrassing."

The unnamed bride is not the only person at the center of wedding drama online. In another startling viral video, a bride's videographer captured the awkward moment she was referred to by her groom's ex-girlfriend on the day of the wedding. The bride reportedly glanced over to her groom, scrunching her nose up while smiling before the whole wedding party burst into laughter.

Another woman in India allegedly called off her wedding just before she was scheduled to marry her fiancé by calling police and telling them that she did not like the man she was about to tie the knot with. The woman reportedly wanted out of her arranged marriage because she was in love with someone else.

One woman even allegedly wrote that she expected her wedding guests to spend a minimum of $400 each on gifts in a detailed Facebook post that has been criticized as "entitled" for her extravagant demands. Among the list of acceptable presents included designer handbags, new flooring for her entire house, "Korean or Asian beauty products," "HIGH CLASS" [sic] paintings or decorations, and straight cash.

Bride angry over gift
A viral video posted to Facebook shows a bride allegedly have a fit over an undesirable wedding gift. Above, a Sikh groom and his bride celebrate their nuptials. NARINDER NANU/AFP/Getty Images

In the case of the bride allegedly angered over her baby bottle gift, hundreds of viewers flocked to the comments section to express their shock at the bride's reaction to the gift. "Why are you showing so much attitude ... laugh a little, seeing such gifts anyone will laugh," one wrote. "It's a little bit of fun," another chimed in.

Many sided with the groom's friends, calling the gift "silly" and potentially useful should the couple start a family. Most commenters also felt the bride was "ungrateful." "Look at the anger of the bride as if someone has caught a bomb," one person even wildly alleged.

Several even hypothesized whether or not the relationship would last much longer, despite the couple having just gotten married. "The girl is not happy with the marriage," one thought. "It's not going to be a long-married life," another even claimed.

Newsweek was not immediately able to reach the Thakur or the newlywed couple for additional comment on the situation. Newsweek was also not independently able to verify the events of the video.

In other wedding news, a groom in India reportedly called off his wedding shortly before the ceremony was due to take place because the bride's family hadn't prepared a dish he wanted. To add insult to injury, the groom allegedly married another woman later that very day.