Viral Video Shows Awkward Moment Bride Is Called by Groom's Ex's Name

A viral video has captured the awkward moment a bride was called by the groom's ex-girlfriend's name on her wedding day.

In the video shared by wedding videographer @jpvideography2141, the wedding photographer was midway through taking the shots when she accidentally called Missouri bride Katelyn Love, Taylor instead.

John Pattyson regularly shares candid videos taken during the behind-the-scenes of weddings, capturing moments that are much more pleasant for all involved, like the moment a bride's dad sees her for the first time or the to-be-wed couple talking through a door beforehand.

Just like that time Ross called Emily "Rachel" during his vows in Season 4 of Friends, the slip-up by the wedding photographer provided both a cringeworthy moment and comedic relief at the same time.

To the tune of TikTok's popular "Oh No" audio, which documents the moment something goes wrong, the photographer asked: "1,2,3, Corey and Taylor, look at each other."

The bride awkwardly glanced over to her groom, scrunching her nose up while smiling before the whole wedding party burst into laughter. "That's his ex," she informed the photographer.

Moments later, the photographer made the same mistake again. "Corey and Taylor, look at each other," she said.

Fortunately, the wedding party saw the humorous side again and let out a laugh. The bride once more corrected her in good humor. "The couple, just say the couple," she said.

"At first I was like, 'did she really just say that name? out of all the names she could have chose!' I just laughed it off and didn't think of it being that big of a deal," Katelyn Love told Newsweek. "I honestly forgot it happened until I saw the video on TikTok. It was my dream wedding so I wasn't going to make a little mix-up like that ruin my day."

As confirmed by Pattyson, the photographer had worked with a bride named Taylor just the week before, causing the confusion.

"It's definitely an easy mistake to make and the bride was totally forgiving. Her last wedding the bride's name was Taylor so I get it can happen. Just bad luck with the name being what it was," he said.

The Love wedding party
Image from the Love wedding. Image courtesy of Katelyn Love. Katelyn Love

"The reaction was delayed at first but then the wedding party all reacted since they knew all about it. It was definitely a good laugh," said Pattyson. "I think think If it had only happened once, I wouldn't have made a clip of it but with it happening a couple times it was definitely memorable. All in all though, purely a coincidence and honest mistake."

After gaining over 2 million views, the video split viewers on how they would react in that situation, with one user writing: "I wouldn't fire her on the spot, but I would've definitely asked for a nice discount."

"The photographer better have given them the photos for free," added another.

Others defended the photographer, noting that the name blunder was nothing more than an easy accident: "Y'all do know the wedding photographers go to several weddings in a day or week. I'm a florist and a photographer and I have done this. We don't mean to."

Pattyson told Newsweek that he decided to post the clips to show the not-so-perfect part of weddings, which makes them unique. "I just like to post real stuff at times. Like yeah I'll make a video showing off a perfect wedding day but there's more to the day than that, and I give the couples footage like that [raw footage] when I'm done so they can relive their whole wedding day."

The name mix-up isn't the only time an ex of a married couple has gone viral in recent weeks. Last week a man claimed to have been uninvited from a friend's wedding because he once dated the bride in the past. The catch? The wedding was being hosted at his own house.

The man claimed in a Reddit post to have offered up his backyard for the ceremony, only to then be told the groom did not want him there after finding out about their past.

Katelyn and Corey Love at their wedding
Katelyn and Corey love after their wedding. Image courtesy of Katelyn Love. Katelyn Love

Update 07/08/21, 10:58 a.m. ET: This article was updated with comments from Katelyn Love and John Pattyson.