Groom Slammed for Doing One Thing Bride Told Him Not to on Wedding Day

A newlywed is being bashed after he smashed cake in his wife's face at their wedding reception after she told him not to, garnering a lot of outrage from the internet.

The now-viral post, captioned, "AITA for being livid at my (now) husband," has received 16,500 upvotes since it was shared on May 24 to the subreddit "Am I The A**hole." Redditor @Key-Hovercraft-8396, a 33-year-old woman, shared the post, revealing that she and her husband, who is 30 years old, married just last week.

According to The Knot, a wedding marketplace, in their survey of 15,000 couples who were married in 2021, the average price for a wedding cake was $500, which is close to what couples spent on cakes in 2019 as well.

The original poster (OP) revealed she's been "super chill" during the wedding planning process and during the wedding as well. "Because I know s**t happens, and if anything goes wrong, or not exactly how we wanted, it's not that big of a deal and may even make the wedding more memorable for the guests."

However, there was "one thing" that the OP told her husband she didn't want to occur, and that was she didn't want him to smash cake in her face. She had a "suspicion" that he would think it was funny to do it, and during the planning process, she told him not to.

"I don't think it's funny, I don't want to mess up my makeup that took hours to apply, and I don't want cake on my expensive wedding dress," she revealed. "I told him I would be livid if he did it. He promised that he wouldn't."

But once it was time to cut the cake, the OP's new husband smashed the wedding cake in her face despite her wishes. It got on her dress and also messed up her makeup just like she knew it would. She was also "pretty sure" his friends were the ones who "convinced" the man to do it.

"I kept it together, went and cleaned myself up, and put on a smile for the rest of the reception," the OP said. "But afterwards, I let loose on him. I yelled at him that this was the one thing I asked him not to do, and he promised that he wouldn't."

The OP's new husband told her she was "being dramatic," and that it isn't a "big deal," adding that they should be "enjoying" their time as a newly married couple.

Newlyweds cutting cake
A man is being slammed for doing the one thing the bride told him not to do on their wedding day. Here, newlyweds cutting their wedding cake. IMAGE SOURCE/GETTY

Over 3,000 comments came pouring in over the incident, and people were backing the OP in the situation. One such comment received 19,500 upvotes on its own, and they relayed that the bride didn't want "a trashy wedding," adding, "and you married someone who did. I hope this works out for you. I've never been to a wedding where the bridal couple smashed cake in each other's faces. Sounds dreadful."

The OP replied that it was actually "out of character" for her new husband to be "disrespectful and break a promise" to her, also saying separately, "He's normally so respectful to me and always keeps his promises to me. That's what makes this so weird, and also why I think his friends talked him into it."

One Reddit user reasoned the OP asked her husband for one single thing, and "he didn't listen" to her. "What he did was so disrespectful and sets the tone for the rest of your marriage," they said. "And he doubled down by saying you're being dramatic instead of apologizing. I'd be livid too!"

Another user thought the OP should have taken another approach and "made a scene" after the cake smashing. "And instead of apologizing, telling you that he stands behind that action is honestly even worse," they said. "He does not regret it. He lied to you and did something he knew would hurt your feelings and now tells you he still doesn't care."

While one user pointed out that the OP had just one "boundary," and her husband "broke" it. "He acted like a child and doesn't want to be called out on it... So, he's saying that you are being dramatic. There's an AH [a**hole] here, but it isn't you," they said.

Some people didn't mince words, and one Redditor called cake smashing a "stupid tradition that is completely disrespectful, essentially when you asked him not to and he promised, it's also a huge red flag."

Another viewer who didn't think the OP was at fault admitted they would "expect reimbursement for everything" the man "ruined" at the wedding. "But honestly, I'd be so p**sed he disrespected me like that," they wrote. "How can he fix that? He ruined the wedding for you and didn't even care."

Others even brought up divorce after such a move. "I don't normally say this, but divorce him," a Redditor said. "If he can't accept boundaries at your own wedding, I wouldn't expect it to get better."

Newsweek reached out to Redditor @Kay-Hovercraft-8396 for comment.

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