Hilariously Grumpy Puppy Terrifies the Internet—'My Soul Left My Body'

Dogs can get grouchy for any number of reasons.

Boredom, a lack of sleep, exhaustion or a general lack of attention are just a few of the contributing factors that can lead to a cranky canine.

However, it was a slightly different story for Savannah Sylvester's puppy, Cash.

A Pekingese Chihuahua mix, the pint-sized pup has been garnering lots of attention on TikTok after Sylvester shared a hilarious video of her dog reacting badly to being crowded by her.

In the video, Cash can be seen lying on his owner's carpet, bathed in the sunshine, soaking up the rays. Unfortunately, his peace is soon disrupted by the doting Sylvester who interrupts his doze to shower him with affection.

"Oh look at this handsome bobansome in the sun tanning today!" she is heard saying on the clip. "Sunday morning, Sunday tanning, love you more than words, mister!"

But while her remarks are meant as terms of endearment, it would appear that Cash is feeling anything but love at having his chill time interrupted in this way.

As the footage shows, while Sylvester continues to gush over her pet pooch, his expression turns from one of neutrality to pure anger.

Like a lit fuse, it appears only a matter of time before Cash explodes. That moment comes as the clip concludes with the pet pooch shown barking at Sylvester in a way that says "go away" or possibly something a little stronger. The video can be watched here.

The incident might have been more menacing were it not for the fact Cash is so tiny and cute. In any case, the clip has proved so popular, amassing over 11.6 million views on social media along with thousands of comments from pet lovers, many of whom admit to being left feeling petrified at the tiny dog's antics.

"I jumped so hard," Itzyourbaetae wrote and forbidden.mrs.clean commented: "My soul left my body." Picklesbutdil admitted: "I know there was a jumpscare but I still jumped."

Elsewhere, KirstyMacDonald555 was critical of Cash's response. "Why are all dogs like this so angry?" she asked. Eager to stand up for the tiny canine, Abigail Freeman replied: "Because they are small, so people think they can ignore their body language and personal space."

Ash62686 could totally relate to Cash's response. "My reaction when I'm at the beach tanning and strangers try and talk to me," they wrote.

Newsweek has contacted Sylvester for comment.

According to the experts at Falconbridge Animal Hospital, dog owners should never assume that their canine is grouchy because of a behavioral issue.

"Before assuming your dog is snappy because of a behavioral problem, stop by your vet," they recommend. "Some painful conditions may lower a dog's threshold for aggression, causing your pooch to be more on edge than he would normally be."

"Also consider that sometimes aggressive behavior may be triggered by systemic disorders, such as hypothyroidism," they added.

Grumpy dogs remain a consistent source of entertainment online with recent highlights including a Golden Retriever with a menacing stare and a dog who hates mornings.

An angry looking pug dog.
Stock image of an angry looking pug dog. A puppy's grumpy reaction to its owner has been garnering views on TikTok. matt_benoit/Getty