Gyrating Bear Seen Pole Dancing Outside New Hampshire Home in Video

One thing perhaps you didn't expect to see today was a bear pole dancing, but a video has been shared online appearing to show just that.

In the footage, posted to Facebook group "MAINE Wildlife" by user Ray Willey, a black bear appears to be dancing and grating on a pole in a suburban garden.

The 25-second-long clip shows the cub spinning around the pole, before moving up and down it, just like adult dancers might in a gentleman's club.

The baby animal's impressive moves are set to background music, making the footage all the more hilarious.

The clip, which was posted on June 15, is captioned with a dancer emoji and a bear-face emoji.

Willey actually captured the footage on June 12 in Lancaster, New Hampshire.

His wife Sam Hallee told Storyful that it was: "Not the first bear we have seen no. But first dancing one in town, yes."

It has so far been liked over 1,400 tines on the Facebook group, and has garnered over 430 shares.

Many people rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on the hilarious video.

One Facebook user, Kelley Gushue, wrote: "Wholly I don't know if I would laugh or cry."

Another person, Jodie Clark, added: "That's a frustrated pole dancer if I've ever seen one. Lol."

Sandra Rowe posted: "Well they really need that money for snacks things have been rough this year."

Shannon Robinson Lawrence typed: "Perfect music in the background for this this is so cute bear knows how to pole dance good."

Loriann Hill joked: "She has a calling at platinum plus in Portland. They could use her."

Timothy Sutterfield commented: "These strippers are getting really desperate doing house calls and all! Be nice, throw that one some ones. They sure earned it working their butt off!"

According to New Hampshire Fish and Game: "The black bear is the only bear species in New Hampshire. Population estimates range between 4,800 to 5,000 bears statewide."

The site also advises that if you see a bear you should "keep your distance" as they are dangerous.

The site explains: "Make it aware of your presence by clapping, talking, singing or making other sounds.

"If you get too close to a bear, it may slap the ground, huff, blow and chomp its teeth or rush you (this is referred to as 'bluff charge') in an attempt to get you to move a more comfortable distance away."

Newsweek have contacted Ray Willey for comment.

black bear walking in field.
Stock image of a black bear walking in nature. In the Facebook video, a cub appears to be pole dancing outside a house. Getty Images