Half-Naked Woman Backed for Refusing Apology to Mother-in-Law Who Walked In on Her

A woman has asked for advice after her husband demanded she apologize to her mother-in-law, who walked in on her while she ate breakfast in her underwear.

The 33-year-old shared the situation to Reddit's popular Am I The A**hole forum, under username Walkalone4533, which can be read here.

She revealed she was eating in her kitchen at around 9am in her "regular underwear," when "suddenly I heard gasping sounds."

The woman claimed her mother-in-law and sister-in-law were standing behind her "yelling about what I was wearing."

The confrontation took her by surprise, as she admitted: "I was in utter shock and just froze in my seat."

Her husband, who had been asleep, was roused by the commotion and came to investigate.

She continued: "His mom started ranting loudly about what an appropriate scene she and her daughter saw. I'm still sitting in shock when my husband started yelling at me to go put something on quickly.

"I went upstairs while his mom kept yelling after me calling me shameless and inappropriate. I then heard my husband say it won't happen again."

Mother and daughter-in-law relationships are traditionally known for being fraught. Results from a survey by The Mother-in-Law Project, published last year, revealed a fifth of daughters weren't happy with the relationship with their husband's mom.

The statistics, from 807 women from 49 states across the US, revealed: "20% of them say they are dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with their MIL [mother-in-law] relationship."

That figure was in contrast to just 5% of mother-in-laws who claimed they were dissatisfied or very dissatisfied.

The woman, who didn't reveal where she was based, went on to say her husband continued to take his mother's side.

Walkalone4533 fumed: "I was so mad, I put a coat on and went downstairs and started arguing with my mother in law. I told her she shouldn't have come over without notice but turns out my husband told her to come over at 9 to discuss a family crisis.

"My mother in law said I was in the wrong for walking around half naked knowing she has a key and might show up any minute. I told her it's my home and she said it's her son's home too. We argued and my husband told me to knock it off and apologize but I refused and went back upstairs.

"Then after his mom and sister left he called me childish and inappropriate. I tried to explain my side but he said what's done's done and he promised his mom that I will apologize but I said I will never apologize and she's gonna have to wait for decades for that."

She says her husband called her "disrespectful," but she refused to budge. In an update, she revealed her mother-in-law is "super conservative," and he often takes her side.

And the key issue has been ongoing, as she wrote: "Mother in-law has a copy of the key. After what happened I told my husband to tell his mom to give the key back but he said no and that he won't punish her for something I DID."

Numerous people weighed in on the situation, as they claimed the wife should have the right to wear whatever she wants inside her home.

Commenting online, Vengi15 thought: "100% husband problem. Instead of asking for the key back, just change the locks."

Girlwithdog_79 advised: "Get a door chain rather than a new lock, then she can't barge in. They're also easy to install."

SaveTheGarfish thought: "Kids won't be a problem. If OP can't walk around the house in her underwear in case MIL pops in then she certainly can't ever have sex."

Deathboy2098 joked: "Now he's made it clear your being in underwear is inappropriate, it is absolutely your job to make sure he NEVER EVER sees you in less than full clothing EVER AGAIN.

"This is what he's demanded. This is what he should get. (Also, please leave him. NTA.)"

Myersla said: "Just get a divorce, he's always going to choose his mom and that is a nightmare."

Newsweek has reached out to Walkalone4533 for comment.

File photo of woman holding knickers.
File photo of woman holding knickers. A woman has refused to apologize to her mother-in-law who walked in on her while she was in her underwear. AndreyPopov/Getty Images