What Should I Be For Halloween? Find Costumes That Match Your Personality

Looking for the perfect Halloween costume to wear this year? While you might think costumes are about hiding behind another identity, they can also be a way to channel your own personality or interests.

Stephen Benning, a psychology professor at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, told Newsweek: "It's unlikely that just wearing a costume will change someone's self-reported personality, so people will probably be true to themselves, even when dressed up. Nevertheless, there may be some exceptions to this trend."

Referring to an April 2022 study published in the peer-reviewed journal Sexuality & Culture, Benning said: "People (particularly men) higher in extraversion may enjoy more sexualized Halloween costumes, as might people lower in humility."

The study found that "ES [the enjoyment of sexualization] is relevant to both men and women" and "ES and SO [self-objectification] have distinct personality correlates..."

Adults wearing different Halloween costumes.
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"Halloween costumes likely reflect people's interests rather than their personality traits, even though people who feel like they had a successful Halloween were more likely to feel like they assumed a new identity," Benning said, citing a 1991 study published in the peer-reviewed journal Perceptual and Motor Skills, which found "significant associations between the perceptions of one's role and identity at Halloween and dressing in costume."

The study, which surveyed 1,253 college students (805 women, 448 men) over a five-year period, found that college women were "less likely than men to disguise their identity." Women were also less likely to "believe they had new identities with their costumes or to believe they could play different roles at Halloween."

Pavel Blagov, an expert in personality studies and an associate professor of psychology at Whitman College in Washington state, told Newsweek: "One might speculate, based on theory as opposed to research, that people who see themselves as especially creative and original will try to convey that to others through their choice or design of costumes."

"A very small body of research points not so much to links between costumes and personality, but to links between costumes and gender stereotypes," Blagov said.

"Halloween costumes and advertisements of Halloween costumes differ in the extent to which they sexualize or sexually objectify people, especially women," according to research by Aurora Sherman with Oregon State University, Blagov noted.

Bearing all of the above in mind, here are some costume ideas based on different personality types, according to Jessica Alderson, a relationship expert and co-founder of So Syncd, a dating app that connects compatible personality types.

What Halloween Costume You Should Wear Depending on Your Personality

Halloween Costumes for Romantics

Known for their "gentle and romantic manner," Alderson told Newsweek that forest nymphs (goddesses of the forest/nature world, according to Greek folklore) can be a great costume idea for romantics at Halloween.

The relationship expert said: "Romantics will enjoy the ethereal look of this costume and the opportunity to channel their inner goddess/god. They may also appreciate the opportunity to show off their creative side, as they're often very talented in the arts."

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Halloween Costumes for Party Animals

Alderson said "party animals," who are often "known for their high energy and love of fun," should dress up as an 80s rock star to "channel their inner rock star and enjoy a night of 80s nostalgia."

She explained: "80s rock stars love to be the life of the party, so this costume is perfect for all the party animals out there. They can show off their fun-loving personality and let their creative side shine through."

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Halloween Costumes for Introverts

Alderson said introverts should be Sherlock Holmes, the detective from the book series by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, for Halloween.

This costume is ideal for "analysts who want to channel their inner detective" and allow introverts to "use their deductive reasoning skills" and "show off their witty personality while they're solving mysteries," according to Alderson.

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Halloween Costumes for Intellectuals

Intellectuals are known for their "love of knowledge and analytical minds," Alderson noted, so a mad scientist costume is a great costume option. "Intellectuals are often very creative in an analytical way" and this costume can "show off their inventive side and come up with some truly mad science experiments."

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Halloween Costumes for Artists

Artists are known for their "creativity, sensitivity and passion" and a corpse bride costume is perfect for artist types "who want to channel their inner goth and be both sexy and spooky this Halloween," the relationship expert said.

"The corpse bride is a sensual and seductive character, and artists are sure to turn heads when they dress up as her. Plus, it's a perfect opportunity for artists to get creative and show off their artistic skills," Alderson added.

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Halloween Costumes for Jokesters

Known for their "mischievous nature and love of chaos," Alderson said jesters can dress up as an "evil clown" and "enjoy a night of terrorizing others." This costume allows jesters to "show off their dark side and come up with some truly cheeky pranks."

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Halloween Costumes for the Flirtatious

Flirts are known for their "charm, fun-loving nature and sense of adventure," so the sexy bunny costume is fitting for those aiming to be both "sexy and playful," while having "a little bit of fun," Alderson said. "They can flirt their way around the party and they will be sure to turn heads when they walk into the room."

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Halloween Costumes for Rebels

Rebels should dress up as Harley Quinn, the character from the DC Comics series, as they're known for their "spontaneity, love of adventure, and ability to take risks," Alderson advised.

This costume gives rebels a chance to be "sexy and dangerous," as Harley Quinn is a character who is "seductive and deadly" and "it's a perfect opportunity for a rebel to show off their sense of humor," she said.

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Halloween Costumes for Caregivers

Caregiver types might want to dress up as Snow White, the princess character from the fairy tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs who looks after the cottage home of the dwarfs.

Alderson said: "Caregivers are known for their kind and compassionate nature" and "will love dressing up as kind, thoughtful characters that represent their own characteristics." She said caregivers also love to be surrounded by people, which makes them perfect for dressing up as a princess.

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Halloween Costumes for Leaders

Alderson said: "Dracula is the most powerful, most legendary and most famous vampire of all time" and is "perfectly fitting" for a leader personality type.

She explained: "Leaders are known for being powerful and assertive individuals who are always striving to be the best. Leaders have the charisma, drive, and ambition to pull off the look."

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Halloween Costumes for Mentors

Like Mary Poppins, the nanny character from the book and film series of the same name, "mentors are always ready to lend a helping hand" and are "known for their compassion, empathy, and kindheartedness," Alderson said.

They're also "warm, nurturing and have a great sense of humor," so mentoring types will "love dressing up as this iconic character, and they're sure to bring a smile to everyone's face," she added.

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Halloween Costumes for Warriors

A toy soldier, associated with "being brave, disciplined and obedient," can be a great costume for warrior type personalities, who are "known for their leadership, decisiveness, and ability to take charge," said Alderson.

Warriors can "show off their leadership skills and get everyone in on the fun," while wearing this "unique and stylish" costume.

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Halloween Costumes for Spiritualists

"Spiritualists are known for their mystery, compassion and insight," Alderson said, "so what better Halloween costume for a spiritualist than a psychic?"

The relationship expert said a psychic or fortune teller costume is perfect for those who want to "channel their inner mystery..."

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