Halloween Party Shooting Sees Multiple People Gunned Down Inside Event Center

Texas police said on Sunday that at least "a couple hundred people" were present during a Halloween party shooting that left a 20-year-old man dead and nine people wounded.

The shooting happened inside Octavia's Event Center in Texarkana, Texas, on Saturday evening, the Texarkana Texas Police Department (TTPD) said in a statement.

When the police arrived at the scene shortly before midnight, "they encountered a large number of people running from the building and several inside suffering from gunshot wounds."

The injured victims were transferred to Wadley Regional Medical Center and Christus St. Michael Hospital, but their wounds "do not currently appear to be life threatening," according to the police.

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The injured victims were transferred to Wadley Regional Medical Center and Christus St. Michael Hospital, but their wounds "do not currently appear to be life threatening," according to the police.

A spokesperson from the Texarkana Texas Police Department told Newsweek on Sunday that 21-year-old Keuntae McElroy, a local resident, was arrested for the shooting and charged with aggravated assault.

"They [the police] have been searching for him since, contacting several family members and friends. McElroy eventually turned himself in late this morning and was arrested," the spokesperson said in a statement.

Earlier on Sunday, police said the suspect left in an unidentified vehicle after the shooting.

Detectives and investigators are interviewing victims and witnesses, authorities said.

"While the motive is still unknown, the preliminary investigation indicates that it may have been the result of some type of disturbance among some of the partygoers," the Texarkana police said.

McElroy is now detained at the Bi-State Jail and he is expected to face additional charges on Monday, according to the police spokesperson.

Texarkana is located around 180 miles east of Dallas and lies along Texas' eastern border with Arkansas.

Texas has seen a number of different shooting incidents this month, including an October 1 shooting at a Houston school that left no students harmed and the principal reportedly experienced non-life-threatening injuries.

The police detained a suspect who was identified as 25-year-old former student Dexter Harold Kelsey, who faced charges of aggravated assault against a public servant and deadly conduct.

On October 20, an Arlington, Texas, police officer, Robert Phillips, was fired after fatally shooting a man during a low-speed chase.

"[The facts are] not going to change tomorrow. They're not going to change six months from now...As a result of the administrative review, I have decided to terminate his employment," Chief of the Arlington Police Department, Al Jones, told reporters this month.

The dismissed police officer reportedly fired his gun at a car that the victim, 40-year-old Jesse Joseph Fischer, drove through a residential neighborhood during the police chase. Fischer was shot multiple times before he died in the hospital.

The Arlington Police Association criticized the decision to fire Phillips and argued that he reportedly felt threatened by Fischer's actions.

"I call on the department to reverse this hasty decision today and immediately reinstate this officer," said Officer J.P. Mason, the president of the Arlington Police Association. "They are handing down judgments without giving time for a complete investigation."

"The department needs to allow the total investigation to be done and all the facts reviewed before taking such punitive action against the officer," Mason added.

Updated 3:23 PM ET, with a statement from the Texarkana Texas Police Department to Newsweek.

Multiple people gunned down during Halloween Party
Police said that a Halloween party shooting happened at an event center in Texarkana, Texas, leaving one dead and nine others wounded. Texarkana Texas Police Department Facebook