'Halo Infinite' Flight Test: How to Sign up for the Multiplayer Beta

Halo Infinite's multiplayer beta, officially known as its "flight test," is reportedly on the horizon according to the game's own community director.

The 'Halo' Insider Program

Brian Jarrard (who works for developer 343 Industries) recently published a tweet encouraging Halo fans to sign up for the first-person shooter's "insider programme." For context, this is essentially a pilot group that fans can join if they want to be actively involved in shaping upcoming Halo titles.

Among other things, members of this community are given the opportunity to playtest early game builds and provide feedback on any technical glitches, balancing issues or network problems they encounter. They can also sign up for updates on how their contributions are informing development and if their suggestions are being taken on board.

Who Will Be Chosen for the 'Halo Infinite' Flight Test?

These insiders will be given exclusive access to Halo Infinite's flight test when it launches in the coming months.

According to Jarrard's tweet, the beta is not far away now. On Twitter, he wrote: "PSA: With each week we're creeping closer and closer to the #HaloInfinite multiplayer technical preview!"

For the sake of having a thorough playtest, 343 Industries is hoping to get as many volunteers involved with the demo as possible. That way, they will be able to iron out any kinks and identify severe bugs prior to the game's official release later in 2021. On that note, Jarrard's tweet continues: "A key goal is hardening and validating at large scale—help us out, spread the word, opt-in, verify your email, and be ready!"

PSA: With each week we're creeping closer and closer to the #HaloInfinite multiplayer technical preview! A key goal is hardening and validating at large scale - help us out, spread the word, opt-in, verify your email, and be ready! 🙏 (1/2)https://t.co/HQByUCTxwf

— Brian Jarrard (@ske7ch) July 7, 2021

As such, if you are eager for a sneak peek at Halo Infinite's long-delayed multiplayer component, now would be a good time to register for the insider program.

It is worth noting that applying does not necessarily guarantee you access to the beta, as 343 will be looking for candidates who meet specific criteria. For example, they will likely want representation from across the different Xbox platforms, from those located in other geographical regions and even people with varying levels of Halo expertise.

How to Sign up for the 'Halo Infinite' Flight Test

To enroll as an insider, you will need to visit the Halo waypoint website. From there, you will be asked to sign in to your existing Xbox Live account and will then have to answer a series of questions.

In particular, you will need to be ready to supply information on your home entertainment set-up, your typical availability throughout the week, and what consoles you are currently in possession of. If you get anything wrong (or if any of your details change after registering) you can always return to your insider account at a later date to amend it.

In a subsequent tweet, Jarrard has recommended that you prioritize updating your account if anything does change, especially if you get access to new hardware. This could potentially increase your chances of being selected for the upcoming flight test.

As another tip, he also stresses the importance of opting in for communications and verifying your email address so that you can receive an invite when the time comes.

There is currently no firm release date for Halo Infinite, although it is slated for the 2021 holiday period. In an unprecedented move for the franchise, 343 Industries announced at this year's E3 conference that the single-player campaign and the multiplayer will launch separate from one another, but at the same time. The former will debut on the Xbox Game Pass service and the latter will be free to play for everyone.

In addition to this, the studio also confirmed that Halo Infinite's multiplayer will follow Fortnite's example, by having regular seasonal updates that introduce new content and further an ongoing storyline.

Capture the Flag in Halo Infinite
"Halo Infinite's" multiplayer component will be free to play upon release and will launch separately from the campaign. 343 Industries