Man Follows 'Spooky' Trail of Coordinates After Finding Note Outside His Window

A man has been following a "spooky" trail after he found a cryptic note containing coordinates outside his window.

Hamcitynr2 has been sharing the whole saga, now up to seven parts, on TikTok, and people are gripped.

It all started on Saturday, when he saw a piece of paper taped to a road sign just outside his new apartment, thought to be in Stockholm.

He precariously climbed out the window to retrieve it, showing random drawings in black pen and letters written in silver ink, along with strips hanging down that you could rip off.

The first video in the drama is captioned "let's hope I won't get murdered," as he gave the background to the mysterious note.

He said: "So I just moved to a new apartment, and while taking some videos for my family I noticed something."

He calls the message "unreadable" as he tries to work out what it is, and finally realizes the numbers are coordinates. After typing the location into Google, he says "this is pretty close."

In the second video, captioned "investigating the weird coordinates I found," he heads to a patch of scrubland outside a big apartment building.

He films a trash bag, a glove and other random items, saying: "Going to the coordinates. Beautiful day to not get murdered. According to Google this should be it. Not really sure what I'm looking for here. Spent a good amount of time just kinda looking around. Disappointment starting to kick in. But then, that looks kinda out of place right? Definitely something."

He zooms in on something on what appears to be a ledge on the outside the building, and he retrieves it, revealing it's an incredibly scratched VHS, in a battered and stained paper case.

In the third part, he says: "Found a tape. I swear to god if this is a sex tape. I guess this is what I was 'supposed' to find. What do I do now though?"

He spies a silver line on the front of the plastic case, and when back home he films the tape and the original note side-by-side, with the color and strokes looking incredibly similar.

"That most def the same pen right?" he asks.

As interest began to build in the unfolding events, with the original video amassing more than one million views, he took the opportunity to address some queries.

"A lot of you have mentioned that the note might be for geocaching. I'm aware of geocaching and I've even done it myself, but I'm pretty sure this is not that. However I will put the note back up, just in case. I do still have the tape but I don't own a VCR. But after looking around online I found one pretty cheap and I'll be picking one up tomorrow," he confirms.

He films himself buying the VCR player, and shared the bizarre tape in another TikTok video, which has eerie sounds and layered images.

Hamcitynr2 updated followers: "I have already pieced together a few things from the video but I'll need to look into it more.

"The tape was about three minutes long. This is a condensed version, I've tried to not cut away anything 'important' but it's hard to tell. People in chat recognized the man as Alfred Nobel and the Morse has been decoded, but I want to verify it. I do not recognize any of the locations in the video."

The saga took another twist after one fan shared their thoughts on the mysterious message, revealing it makes up a floorplan.

User CoryWong2 sent a video in, sharing his own research, saying: "Found a floor plan in the message you posted. Also it looks like several hand drawings that don't connect. Could the silver letters spell out something in Swedish? Because they don't seem to spell anything in English."


thanks for joining the live. I have already pieced together a few things from the video but I'll need to look into it more, I'll keep you posted.

♬ original sound - hamcitynr2

Hamcitynr2 filmed himself chopping up the note to try and piece it back together to re-create the floorplan.

The latest video, uploaded hours ago, was captioned: "This isn't f****** geocaching."

After matching up the sections, he draws out the floorplan on his computer as he says: "That's my f****** apartment."

Followers are on tenterhooks as they claimed they were completely "invested" in the dramatic series of events, as people shared their own theories and suggestions.

"Obviously you're going to the police if this is genuine," Sian commented.

Leahcate87 admitted: "I've never become more immediately invested in a TikTok series than this one."

Joy pointed out: "That would make sense if the person who made the note lives or lived in your apartment. The note was hanging at the board outside your window so."


this isn't fucking geocaching.

♬ original sound - hamcitynr2

Cristina advised: "Anyone above you have the same apartment plan. Maybe the rest of the map will tell you the floor."

Commenting on the tape, Craig_cupra7 said: "The building at the end is where you found the tape. Also, on the piece of paper you took of the sign, has a drawing behind the grey letters."

Becky Graves joked: "The Ring lol did you get a phone call after you watched it."

Harry Farthing wrote: "If the letters on that bit of paper actually correlate into a floorplan and that floor plan is your apartment I'd start to get very worried."

Arkalii suggested: "Go to the other locations that are on the note."

And, as the videos could be part of an elaborate prank Hamcitynr2 is creating, Silvia added: "Even if it's fake very interesting and creative."

Newsweek reached out to Hamcitynr2 and CoryWong2 for comment.

The note @hamcitynr2 found outside
The note @hamcitynr2 found outside. The man deciphered co-ordinates which led to him a VHS tape. @hamcitynr2

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