Woman Finds 'Secret Passageway' Inside the 148-Year-Old House She Bought

A homeowner reckons she's found a "secret passage" hidden behind a door in the 148-year-old house she just bought.

Lindsay Grummett shared a clip to TikTok detailing the renovations of her new home, which she snapped up because of a wall of exposed brick.

In the video, shared on Wednesday, she said: "I basically bought it because I fell in love with that wall behind me. Amazing right? Don't judge I haven't decorated it yet."

The sprawling home, which features a sweeping staircase, appears to be hiding a few secrets, as Lindsay showed followers a door which doesn't appear to lead anywhere.

"I bought a 148-year-old house a few months ago," she said without revealing where.

She continued: "Still a lot of work to be done but we're getting there. We're not here to talk about that wall though, we're here to talk about this door. This is the upstairs. There's that door I was telling you about. Now over here is the bathroom."


My house may or may not have a secret passage... and probably a few ghosts. #fypシ

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Lindsay films one side of the wall, which shows a vast bathroom, and the other side... A door that surprisingly does not lead to said bathroom.

She opens it, saying: "Check this out. There are some stairs that are blocked off in here. There's also some very retro stickers. I have no idea what's back there."

Only a few of the bottom stairs are visible as a wooden panel blocks off the top of the space, with Lindsay speculating where they could lead.

"I hope I have a hidden room back there," she added, saying: "This house old as hell."

The clip, which was captioned "my house may or may not have a secret passage... and probably a few ghosts," has been seen by more than 5 million people.

Speculation was rife over what—if anything—could be lurking behind the door.

The stickers have a clear 1970s theme, with black-and-white images of the Fonz and Charlie's Angels on the inside of the door, leading some to believe it led to a kid's bedroom.

"The stickers lead me to believe that whatever [was] up there was once a room for a teenager," someone speculated.

TikToker Jason raged: "Fine. Go ahead and unseal the tomb of a 148 yr old demon. What's the worst that could happen."

While Melina revealed: "My friend lives in a 150-year-old house like this and it has a secret staircase that leads to a separate bedroom/bathroom that was used for the maid!"

Noreen Cerrone added: "I grew up in an old Victorian house and we had stairs like that too. It was used by servants from their rooms."

Sandie Winslett asked: "Looks like the stairs went to an attic. Is there another access to the attic?"

Looking at the layout, TJ Smith thought: "It looks like the bathroom was a renovation that involved the attic stairs."

Stock image of someone opening a door
Stock image of someone opening a door. A homeowner came across a "secret passageway" behind a blocked-off door in their 148-year-old house. Getty Images/ICKEDA