'Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery' House Points Guide: How To Get The Most Out Of Classes and Lessons

Just started playing Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery but aren't sure House Points and House Cup work? Check out our complete guide to gaining the most house points possible, here.

If you've spent any amount of time player Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, you'll soon learn that winning the most house points plays an important role in your adventure. Figuring out what causes you to gain and lose house points and rise to the top of the leaderboard can be a bit tricky. In this guide, we're taking a deep look at Hogwarts Mystery house points. We'll discuss how house points are earned and lost and best ways to make the most of your classes lessons and other story elements to gain more Experience increase your Attribute levels and get more House Points for your crew. This guide is intended for those who have made it past the first two chapters, but we have tips for earlier chapter tasks like choosing a house and wand or customizing your character here. You can also check out our list of the best ways to get more energy in the game without spending real money, here.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery House Cup and Points Guide: How To Get The Most Out Of Classes and Lessons

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Here's everything you need to know about house points and winning the House Cup. Jam City

The race for House Points begins soon after you've joined a house. Once you've been sorted, the presiding Witches and Wizards will tell you about the House Cup. The House Cup is a prize you'll be working towards throughout your first year at Hogwarts. During the year different actions you do can have an effect on your House Points, either causing your house to gain or lose them. You can keep track of your house's progress towards the house cup by Tapping on your avatar and tapping on the Rank button.

House Points: How Do You Earn or Lose Them?

Since the large year-long goal is winning the House Cup, it's important to know what activities earn or lose points for your house. Here are ways you can earn house points in the game. We'll discuss all of these items in more detail in the rest of this guide.

To Gain Points:

  • Do well in Classes and on your Lessons
  • Complete Main Quests
  • Make certain Dialogue Choices

To Lose Points:

  • Fail a class/not finish with the minimum number of stars
  • Make wrong dialogue choices

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Main Chapters Guide: On Choices, Story Quests Lessons and Classes

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House Points are crucial to winning the House Cup. Here's the best way to earn them and avoid losing them as well. Jam City

Once you've completed the first two chapters you're ready to get into the deep of the game. For the rest of your adventure, you'll be completing chapters in your school year story that will all work in a similar fashion. There are two main components of every chapter: Story Parts and Lessons. Story Parts make up the large portion of the Chapter and must be completed before you can complete the Lessons. Let's take a look at what Story Parts entail and how to be most successful with them.

Story Parts

For the story component of a Chapter, you'll be given a certain number of story parts or quests to complete. Each of these Story parts are made up of a number of activities you'll complete. There are four main activity types that occur during the story portion of the Chapter: Choices, Story Quests, Classes, Lessons and sometimes Character Encounters (Side Missions). Here's how each of those work.


During some story parts, situations will arise where you'll need to respond. You'll be given options for how to respond and depending on which one you choose, you'll gain different character attributes. Attributes are an important component of your growth at Hogwarts as some activities or decision choices require a certain attribute level to unlock them. The three attributes you'll be working with are: Courage, Empathy, and Knowledge. We'll be discussing Attributes quite a bit more in various parts of this guide and our Duels guide as well, but for now, just know that every time you make a decision, you'll be gaining attribute points based on that decision. The higher the levels of a specific attribute, the more answer options you'll unlock and the better you'll perform at certain activities or side quests.

  • A Tip For Increasing Attributes With Choices - When you are confronted with a story decision, you'll usually be able to recognize which choices would fall in line with which attribute based on the color around the edge of the answer choice (green = courage, purple = empathy, blue = knowledge). If you are trying to increase the level of a specific attribute, it's a good idea to go with the decision most in line with that attribute.
  • House and Choice Bonuses: In some cases dialogue choices you make can actually earn you house points. Each house has a specific set of characteristics they are known for, and when you make choices that match the values of your house, you'll sometimes be awarded house points for it. Here are the values for each house:
    • Gryffindor - Brave and Daring
    • Slytherin - Ambitious and Cunning
    • Hufflepuff - Dedicated and Loyal
    • Ravenclaw - Intelligent and Witty.

Story Quests

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Many of your Chapters will begin with a story quest given to you by your Prefect Jam City

Most Chapters will have some kind of story quest for you to complete, many of them coming from your Prefect, who'll you'll report to at the start of each chapter. He may have you practice a new skill (ex: dueling), complete a small task (ex: change your clothes), or go on a specific mission (ex: get slugs for Snape). If you receive a long story quest requiring you to use energy, there will usually be a reward of coins and Experience attached as well.

  • Experience and Leveling Up - In Hogwarts Mystery gaining Experience is required to level up. Each time you level up you'll earn diamonds equal to the level you reached and unlock new features like additional customization options. You'll also get your energy filled back up to the max.

Story Quests Requiring Energy - An important thing to know about story quests that require energy is that you must complete them before you can go anywhere else. Unlike Classes, which you can leave and return to later, you are stuck in a Story Quest until it is completed. Additionally, you have to reach a certain number of stars before the time runs out to complete a story quest so it's a good idea not to start one until you are at full energy. Even with full energy, it may take you two cycles to finish it. As energy regenerates at one per four minutes, a full bar will take you about an hour and a half to regenerate so plan accordingly. You can also check out our tips for finding free bonus energy and using your energy wisely in the game, here.

Side Quest Decisions - In some cases the decision you make will be related to a non-playable character side quest. In these quests, you'll need to make the best answer choice you can in order to finish it within the allotted number of turns. Paying attention to things the character has said in the past and what you know about his or her personality can be a big help with this. For example, your sidekick Rowan is an academic who loves reading and is an expert on different kinds of wood. These details can help you a lot in making good decisions when you have a side quest with him. If you need a cheat sheet of answers for character side quests, you can check ours out, here.


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Some Classes earn you House Points after you comlete them. Jam City

Beyond these, most story parts also include attending classes. Classes are important because, not only are they a way to earn House Points, Attribute Point and resources, they also are required to unlock new skills lessons. Most lessons require you to obtain a certain amount of stars in order to unlock them. You gain stars by attending related classes.

Classes always require some amount of energy use but are broken up in several parts -- some of which require no energy at all. The good thing about classes is that you can actually leave and explore the grounds and come back to it later. Some classes are a set amount of time, but other will give you the option to choose a 1, 3 or 8-hour event. Before you decide how long of a class to attend, look at the number of stars you need to unlock your next lesson. To unlock the Mount Broom lessons, for instance, you need to get at least 3 stars in Flying Class. I usually prefer to do the shorter 1 hour classes because I can usually complete it with a full energy bar and won't get penalized if I can't make it back to the game before the time runs out. However, if you don't mind coming back to the game several times, you can opt for a 3 or 8-hour class. As long as you gather a total of 3 stars you will unlock the Mount Broom lesson. These stars don't have to be earned in one class. You'll just keep completing classes until 3 stars have been collected. We are still working out which length of lesson is most profitable time and rewards-wise and will update this post once we've sorted it out.

As mentioned, lessons are made up of a variety of different activities. Here are a few you might encounter and how they affect your house points, growth and experience levels.

  • Demo (energy activity) - a demo starts with a quick demonstration from the instructor and then will require you to do some energy spending activities till you get to one star. Getting to one star takes about 9-10 energy depending on the Chapter you are in. At the end of the demo you'll be rewarded some attribute points depending on the class type. Charms Classes = Empathy Points, Potions = Knowledge Points, Flying = Courage Points.
  • Focus or Perform - another type of activity you'll complete is classes is a Focus, Question or Perform activity. With Focus you have to time your tap to get a moving circle inside of a specific space. With Perform you are tracing the shape of a spell or mixing up a potion.You want to do the best you can on these activities as you'll earn larger attribute rewards when you succeed (25 for success, 5 for fail).
  • Question - With question you will either be answering your professor or a classmate. If you answer it successfully you'll get extra empathy, courage or knowledge points depending on the class type. Sometimes the question will be something you've learned in class. Other times it will be Hogwarts trivia. If you need some help answering a question in the game, you can check out the list of questions we've compiled so far, here.
  • Practice (energy activity) - you'll usually have some kind of practice session thrown in which will also require energy to complete so plan accordingly.
  • House Points - At the end of some classes the reward will be house points instead of coins or attribute points. If the reward is house points, you'll see it noted at the end screen along with a button to view the House Cup Leaderboard.


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Learning new skills in Flying Lesson will earn you increased energy max. Jam City

Lessons are the final component of a Chapter and these work similarly to classes except at the end you learn a new Charm, Potion or Flying Skill. Each new thing you earn in a lesson will earn you different types of rewards. In some cases, it is diamonds, other times higher energy max, still others give you special moves you'll use in duels. You can keep track of which lesson you've completed and the rewards you'll obtain for a future lesson by tapping on the Book icon at the bottom right-hand corner of your game screen.

  • Lessons vs. Classes - because they involve similar activites, it can sometimes be easy to confuse lessons and classes. Lessons, however, do have some important differences from classes that players should be aware of. One such difference is that they require you to get ALL the available stars in order to pass them. Lessons are usually 3-hour events and so you won't complete them in one sitting. As a result you need to be sure to wait to start lessons till you have several hours together in which to play as it'll take you a couple of rounds of full energy to complete if you are a free-to-play user. In the Nox Lesson, for example, it took 27 energy to get the first 3 stars.