'Heist' Netflix: Who Is Heather Tallchief and Where Is She Now?

Heist is the new true-crime series on Netflix which explores three different heists, carried out by the most ordinary of people.

The first two episodes, titled "Sex Magick Money Murder" focuses on the case of Heather Tallchief and Roberto Solis, who pulled off a $3 million heist in 1993.

Tallchief's version of events is told word for word through actor Lisa Lord after Tallchief decided to protect her anonymity for the Netflix documentary.

Who is Heather Tallchief?

Heather Tallchief is a healthcare worker who was once the most wanted woman woman in America.

In early 1993, Tallchief, 21, met convicted murderer and robber Roberto Soli, 48. In the documentary, Tallchief recalls falling in love with Solis but also being easily manipulated by him, particularly through the use of hypnotism.

Under the instruction of her accomplice Solis, Tallchief took a job at Loomis, an armoured security company.

On October 1, 1993, Tallchief drove the armoured truck, which was transporting $3.1 million in cash to various Las Vegas casino ATMs, out of the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino, and to Solis, who was waiting in a nearby industrial estate with a getaway car in a garage.

They unloaded the cash into bags and fled to Denver, crossing the United States until settling in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in 1994.

Tallchief parted ways with Solis just months after their son Emilio was born to provide a better life for him.

She remained on the run for 12 years, with a fake British passport and false identity.

Tallchief was known as Donna Eaton and her son became Dylan. They lived in Amsterdam until September 2005, when Tallchief decided to turn herself in. She and her son's passports were about to expire.

Surrendering, Tallchief told the authorities: "I truly feel this is the right thing to do."

She added: "I'm doing this for him. I feel that by turning myself in and surrendering, I can give him a better life, one that he deserves."

Where is Heather Tallchief now?

In September 2005, Tallchief returned to the U.S. By turning herself in, she faced charges of embezzlement, bank fraud, bank robbery, false statements, interstate flight to avoid prosecution, and using a firearm for a violent crime.

She faced up to 40 years in federal prison.

She later pled guilty to one count of obtaining a false passport and to two counts of embezzlement. On March 30, 2006, she received a prison sentence of five years and was released in 2010.

She was also ordered to pay $2.9 million back to Loomis, the security company.
Speaking to Dateline correspondent Keith Morrison in 2005, Tallchief explained why she turned herself in.

She said: "You get very tired of running. This is not a life, because I have been assuming something else that's not my life. If you're living in a prison mentally, then what is a box, a room, restricted privileges? It's nothing compared to what I've already been through. I truly feel like I'm setting myself free."

Since being released from prison in 2010, Tallchief has kept a very low profile. She does appear at the end of part two of "Sex Magick Money Murder" in Heist, although her face is distorted to hide her identity.

Throughout the documentary, she is portrayed in re-enactments by Emree Franklin, and Lisa Lord narrates what happened using Tallchief's own words.

In the final moments of the episode, Tallchief reflects on where her accomplice Roberto Solis is now, insisting he must be dead.

She says: "I don't think he's alive. No, there's no way. There's no way. If he's alive, good on you, mate. You did it."

Tallchief then confessed she would never share Solis's whereabouts if she did know.

She added: "If you find him, please don't tell him where I am."

It is also revealed Tallchief has returned to the healthcare sector, having worked as a hospice caregiver during the height of the AIDS epidemic in San Francisco. Her son Dylan graduated from college in 2019.

Speaking to Newsweek, director Derek Doneen reflected on Tallchief's story. He said: "Because we're hearing it from her perspective, we're hearing from this person, we're unpacking themes of love and addiction and heartbreak and adolescence, and there's so much there that gets glossed over. If you're just hearing it from other people, then it just becomes about the 1-2-3 of what happened during the crime."

Heist is streaming on Netflix now.

Lisa Lord Heather Tallchief
Lisa Lord portrays Heather Tallchief in Heist: Sex Magick Money Murder. Netflix