'Hero' Cat Who Saved Her Kitten From Flaming Barn Recovering From Burns

A mother cat has been taken into care after she repeatedly rushed into a burning barn to try and save her kittens.

The cat, which has been hailed as a hero, sustained multiple burns and inhaled smoke. She managed to save one of her kittens from the blaze.

The owners of the barn were unable to provide adequate veterinary care, so the cat and her kitten were taken in by the Furget Me Not Animal Rescue group in Edmonton, Canada.

The group said it was already way over capacity when it was alerted to the injured mother cat and her baby, but decided to make an exception when it heard about the circumstances.

The group is now asking for donations so that it can pay for the upfront medical expenses incurred by the cat's ongoing treatment.

In a Facebook post, Furget Me Not Animal Rescue said the mother cat had been "suffering unimaginably" whilst still trying to care for her kitten.

Photos show how the cat's fur has been blackened by the blaze, while the tips of her ears and pads of her paws are also pink and charred.

Over the next few weeks, her carers will provide her with medications and salves for her burns. She also had an x-ray scan to assess the extent of the smoke inhalation damage to her lungs.

The group said the cat's kitten will have to be sent to a foster home once medically cleared since the mother cat's belly was severely burnt in the fire, making nursing an issue.

The two have now been separated for this reason while the rescue group introduces the kitten to soft food, though the group also said the kitten is close by in case the mother starts looking for it.

"This beautiful mama is a hero," the group wrote. "Mommy is semi-feral, so rescue mommy sure has her work cut out for her, but kitties like this are exactly why we do the work we do."

And Christine Koltun, founder of the rescue group, told Edmonton news outlet City News: "If you're thinking about fostering for a rescue, now's the time.

"If you're thinking about adopting a pet, we know that it's exciting, things are reopening and we can travel again, but the rescues really are full, and these animals keep coming in."

A number of Facebook users were touched by the cat's story. One wrote: "Her love for her babies is nothing short of inspiring, as a mother myself."

It is not the first time a rescue cat has warmed hearts on social media in recent weeks.

In June, an Ohio animal shelter threw a birthday party for a 19-year-old cat in its care, and photos and footage proved popular on Facebook. The cat was adopted afterward.

And last week, Reddit users were pleased to learn about a cat who made a miraculous recovery after being fostered and successfully treated for a severe eye condition.

Mother cat and kitten
A stock photo shows a mother cat with her kitten. A rescue center has hailed the mother cat who saved her baby as a hero. Lucia Kindernayova/Getty