Heroic Dog Rescues Abandoned Kitten in Heartwarming Viral Video

A dog rescued an abandoned kitten in the rain in a heartwarming video that has gone viral. The resurfaced video has been viewed on Twitter more than two million times at the time of writing.

Rex Chapman shared the video from Fred Schultz and said: "This good girl found and brought home an abandoned kitten. Not all heroes wear capes. Sometimes they wear collars..."

This good girl found and brought home an abandoned kitten.

Not all heroes wear capes. Sometime’s they wear collars... pic.twitter.com/Fn0qyuxtAd

— Rex Chapman🏇🏼 (@RexChapman) April 29, 2021

In the video, a Yorkshire terrier-type dog leads a tiny kitten down a driveway in the rain. The dog watches the kitten carefully as it walks through a puddle and clambers onto the doorstep, before lifting the small cat over the door frame and into the home.

The rescue took place in 2019 and was reported on at the time by T&T media, which said that the dog's owner, Monica Burks, 48, went outside to see where her three-year-old dog, Hazel, was, after not returning from her "restroom" break.

Burks, from Abilene, Texas, said that her dog, who is a mix between a Yorkie, Chihuahua, and poodle, kept drawing attention to a crying noise coming from under her shed. Hazel stayed out in the rain until the kitten followed her home, encouraging the kitten whenever it hesitated.

Burks named the kitten Sheba and gave it to her brother, Michael, to look after.

According to Happily News, Burks said: "That's love, pure love—I saw the motherly instinct come out in her," and of the kitten, she said: "Sheba is a feisty loving little thing, she was no bigger than my hand when Hazel found her."

Monica also encouraged adopting animals, saying: "I want people to know that you don't have to spend a lot of money on an animal, there are so many dogs and cats that need to be rescued or adopted.

"My daughter and I rescued Hazel and her brother at five weeks because their momma rejected them. They have given me so much joy and laughter, I think maybe they rescued me."

Twitter users were delighted by the video, which was shared on social media on Thursday.

One Twitter user said: "I love how she keeps looking back to make sure the kitty is following," and another said: "The little animals trust each other more than they do people. Had the person tried to get the cat, the cat may have run off.

"It is so sweet to see the dog guiding and helping the little cat."

Dog and Kitten
A baby cat plays with a dog in Tbilisi on May 31, 2020. A video of a dog rescuing an abandoned kitten has gone viral. Vano Shlamov/Getty