Hiker's Snake Prank on His Girlfriend Branded Grounds for 'Instant Break-up'

A hiker has been mercilessly pranked by her partner with a toy snake—and the entire ordeal is on camera.

The clip, which has gone viral with more than 1.5 million views on Twitter, shows a woman walking through arid terrain and carrying a heavy backpack.

A man just behind her can be seen attaching a fake snake, which has a long string, onto her backpack.

He then shouts "Snake, snake, snake!" while pointing to the presumably plastic animal he has just hooked to her bag.

The woman turns in terror and tries to run, but is followed by the "reptile," sending her into a blind panic.

She runs in a circle before doubling back into the arms of the prankster, in an attempt to shake the serpent. The woman shrieks in fear while trying to fend off the snake.

A dog, thought to belong to the couple, rushes to the woman's aid as the man eventually treads on the toy snake to stop it moving.

He then appears to confess that it was a joke, as the woman relaxes and says: "Oh my God."

Hold my snake....🐍🍺🤣 pic.twitter.com/AbdrGtQCEV

— 🍺 Hold My Beer 🍺 (@HldMyBeer) April 20, 2021

On Twitter, where the clip was posted by @HldMyBeer and captioned "Hold my snake," some viewers are claiming the prank crossed the line. Others have praised the dog as the true hero of the scene.

Commenting on the video, @missfit22627816 wrote: "Love how the Labrador walking ahead with companion, immediately turns and runs to help when he hears distress cry. Dog has more humanity than [dear husband]."

Twitter user @topperg wrote: "And thus ending what was once a perfectly harmonious relationship." @DrBrittGalb had a similar thought: "'And that's why we broke up....'"

@LankyA thought the relationship would survive, but predicted: "Someone is sleeping on the couch tonight."

But @Deepfryguy76 said: "Instant break-up."

@Charlie26163572 was sympathetic to the woman, admitting: "I know I would've had the same reaction except my voice would've been much higher."

Some Twitter users thought the man had gone too far. @Jontodd20 wrote: "That's so dirty. My wife would kill me if I did that to her. Lol."

@Dntaulbee described the prank as "justifiable homicide," while @TheDuffman103 reckoned it counted as "grounds for divorce."

On that theme, @Newfieguy2015 said: "I bet she got the dog in the divorce settlement."

Although it is unclear where the video was filmed, @NathanBishop27 declared: "That prank will get you the death penalty in Australia. Your partner will kill you by herself."

Stock photo of a snake.
An adder in its enclosure at the Wildwood Trust in Canterbury, England, on March 11. A video of a man pranking his girlfriend with a toy snake has gone viral. Getty Images/Dan Kitwood