Hilarious Viral TikTok Video Shows Woman's Online Dress Shopping Disaster

Buying things online can sometimes be a gamble. Not everything is as good as it may seem online, and oftentimes when a purchase appears too good to be true, a shopper is often disappointed with the reality of what they actually receive.

Such is the case for a friend of Natalie Tyson, or @nat.tyson on TikTok. Last week, she shared her friend's laughable online shopping experience that resulted in an alleged dress "violation."

Tyson begins her video with a text-to-speech video overlay, explaining to viewers that her "[sister's] friend ordered a dress online." She confirmed in a statement to Newsweek that the dress caught the eye of the unnamed friend looking for a cute outfit for her upcoming birthday.

"She found it on a website called Chic Me and decided to order it," Tyson told Newsweek.

Based on the screenshot provided in the video, the elegant evening dress features a high leg slit on the left side, a corset-like cinched waist and puffy sleeves. Priced at only $32.39, the friend decided to purchase the light green satin dress.

However, when the dress arrived in the mail, it seemingly bore no resemblance to what the friend claimed was advertised online. The photo provided in the TikTok shows a light green dress made out of a cheaper material than what was posted online, and it appears to hang off of her body rather than accentuate it.

The gown also seems to be missing the capped sleeves from the previous photo, and the leg slit is not nearly as dramatic.

Tyson told Newsweek that once she and her sister saw the photo of what the dress ended up looking like, they could not contain their laughter.

"When her friend received the dress she instantly sent [my] sister a picture," she said. "I was on FaceTime with my sister at the time and once I saw it were were both so shocked and laughed for like 10 minutes.

"I didn't expect it to look that bad but then once I saw it I was just wondering how a company could ever send something off that looked like that," Tyson added.

Tyson posted the hilarious "shopping fail" with the popular TikTok audio in which a tearful girl compares what she expected and what she received when making a purchase: "I'm literally crying … they're so ugly! Oh my God, okay, this is what I wanted … and this is what I got!"

Since posting, the video has been viewed over 7 million times and liked by more than half a million viewers. Many found the situation highly amusing and offered hilarious comparisons to what the dress more accurately looked like.

"PLEASE THAT'S SOMEONE'S CURTAINS," one person joked. "It looks like a bedsheet," another wrote.

Others noted that for only $32, there was no way the dress would look as advertised.

"[You] really though you [were gonna] get that for $32?" one person asked. "As [a seamstress] myself I [knew] this was not happening for that price," another chimed in.

Some remained optimistic about the situation, however, with one person suggesting that "a good seamstress could fix it."

Ultimately, Tyson said that she "decided to post it because I expected people to have the same reaction I did when i saw it.

"However, I didn't think it would go as viral as it did," she told Newsweek.

Meanwhile, earlier this week another TikToker went viral for her own "shopping fail" video. While she did receive what she ordered in the mail, her delivery driver snapped a photo of her falling in a puddle trying to retrieve the parcel, and uploaded it as "proof" that the package was delivered.

TikTok hilariously shows online dress shopping fail
A woman's hilarious viral post about what her friend expected and what she actually received when purchasing a dress online has audiences in stitches. Natalie Tyson/TikTok

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