Driver Snaps Photo of Woman Falling in Puddle as Proof of Delivery

Online shopping soared during the global pandemic, as people turned to the internet for food, fashion and essentials.

Everyone knows that most e-tailers take a photo of your package as proof of delivery, whether you're home or not, which can backfire if it ends up snapping something embarrassing in the background.

And that's exactly what happened to one woman, who somehow managed to get her epic "faceplant" immortalized not only on film, but in a photograph too.

One shopper, calling themselves Jaxarx123 online, shared a clip to TikTok, after a home security camera captured her falling over in the street, in an unknown location, and landing in a wet puddle.

She ended up with both an audience and evidence of her cringeworthy trip, as she's seen landing heavily on both hands, ending up sprawled on the floor after hitting her head.

Not only did the camera record her fall, but the footage shows someone walking up to her from across the street as she's still sitting on the ground in the rain.

Bizarrely it appears to be a delivery driver, who holds out a parcel, in PrettyLittleThing packaging, for the wet and possibly injured woman.

And wasting no time, it later emerged they snapped a photo of themselves delivering the package—with the woman clearly visible on the floor in the background.

Jaxarx123 captioned the hilarious footage: "The time I face planted a puddle and the driver took a pic of me still on the floor as proof of delivery."

The video amassed more than a million views after being shared on Saturday, with a TikToker using the name Freddie Mercury commenting: "At least it was another woman. A small comfort at least it would be for me."

Laura joked: "Nothing and I mean nothing was messing up her delivery schedule."

Mx quipped: "She's there to work."

Lloyd asked: "I'm so sorry for laughing. How could they."

Jade Volvic commented: "She didn't have time for you to get yourself together."

Kundalini added: "Driver was like I'm not waiting for her to get herself sorted out."

Another fashion faux pas hit the headlines earlier this month, after a swimsuit was mocked for a very unfortunate floral placement.

Twitter-user That Mom Tho shared a snap online, showing a woman modeling a one-shoulder swimming costume.

The post, shared on May 16, soon blew up on the site after everyone pointed out the bloom positioned on the chest made it look as if the model was exposing herself.

"The fashion industry needs people like me so when four people approve this design I can be in the corner whispering 'it looks like her t***y is out,'" That Mom Tho wrote.

It emerged the $29.99, down from $38.99 swimwear, from brand Lanaya Swim, is called the "ruched wrap one-piece swimsuit."

Replying on Twitter, Sam replied: "I was scrolling and then my thumb slammed the brakes. My brain definitely flashed "T***Y" for a millisecond or two."

Newsweek has reached out to PrettyLittleThing and Jaxarx123 for a comment.

Stock image of woman receiving package
Stock image of a woman receiving a package. A shopper shared the cringeworthy moment a delivery driver photographed them in a puddle as proof of delivery. Chainarong Prasertthai/Getty Images