Recruitment Expert Shares 'Tip' Guaranteed To Land Grads Their Dream Job

A high-flyer who dishes out résumé and career advice has shared his ultimate "tip" for job hunters, which he said is "guaranteed" to get you hired.

Jerry Lee, the chief operating officer at Wonsulting, regularly uploads videos on TikTok as part of his career tips series, along with free templates for emails and CVs.

Lee, a Babson College graduate, has shared his wisdom on how to write cover letters, thank you emails and internship applications.

In one of his most popular videos, shared last month, he captioned it: "The only tip you need to land any job GUARANTEED."

It's been viewed more than a million times, and shows the recruitment expert using a job advert from Goldman Sachs as an example.

He copy and pastes the entire job description onto the end of his résumé, before turning the font white—so it's invisible.


The only tip you need to land any job 😳 GUARANTEED

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Lee ended the clip with a thumbs-up to the camera, with the tip—presumably so your CV now matches keywords recruiters or algorithms are looking for—attracting a lot of interest.

Richard D James reckoned: "Any place that doesn't catch this is exactly where you want to work because they're clueless."

Trevor commented: "I'm ready to believe this because I absolutely hate the process."

Mondaymoon pointed out: "It's all fun and games till the interviewer as u to show your certs."

While Matthew Scola thought: "Totally does get you through the meta filter."

And William Gonyer added: "Lol I have put Harvard in all white on my CV."

Lee later confirmed the clip was in jest, as he added: "In case there's any confusion do not do this. This is a joke."

He occasionally uploads spoof career tips among the dozens of videos sharing his professional wisdom.

One of his other satirical clips shows him changing a figure from $3,000 to $3,000,000,000, as he quipped: "All companies want impact right?"

In a separate clip, Lee discussed why applicants should never lie on their résumé or cover letter.


Comment your subject line below and I’ll critique it ☺️ #fyp #career

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The former Google employee said: "Problem one. Companies might do a background check, if they find out you lied, might not be good news. Problem two. If your job title doesn't match job descriptions, chances are you're probably going to lose out to all the other candidates. Just don't lie."

If you're looking to write the perfect cover letter, Lee offered up some advice, saying: "In the first section give a quick intro about yourself and what you can bring to the table. Next, list two skills that's relevant for the role and give examples."

Lee also shares generic advice for graduates trying to land their dream job, as he revealed the three things job hunters should never do.

"Don't have typos on your resume. Don't use words like helped and worked, and don't have a two-page resume," he said.

And in another video he talked prospective employees through what they should be doing, saying: "Use numbers in your resume. Start every bullet point with words like this," he says pointing to a sub-heading saying "work experience."

Lastly he advises: "Only put your GPA if it's high enough."

Wonsulting explains more about Lee's background, saying: "Jerry landed his first big name internship during his junior year as the first BOLD intern at Google from his alma mater, Babson College. Since then, he was hired as one of the youngest analysts in the organization and had broken promotion records during his time at Google.

"As he climbed the ladder to become the youngest Sr. Strategy & Operations Manager at Google at the age of 24, Jerry had begun to see patterns in professional development and recruiting. No one teaches actionable recruiting strategies beyond the 'Please apply online!'"

 Man looking at his CV
Stock image of a man looking at his CV. A recruitment expert has shared a spoof tip which he says is guaranteed to land grads their dream job. Getty Images/jakkapant turasen