Homeowner Discovers Jenga Blocks Propping up Her Bathroom Fixtures

Anyone who has ever bought or remodeled a home knows the pain of having to undo a previous resident's painfully amateur repairs.

But one woman may have just trumped your worst DIY stories, after discovering that her toilet roll holder was being held up by Jenga blocks.

A homeowner called Dakota Delaney shared the unlikely "fix" found in her bathroom to TikTok earlier on Wednesday.

The clip, which she captioned "DIY," "new home quality control" and "Jenga," has amassed nearly 2 million views in less than 24 hours.

Delaney films the toilet roll holder, which isn't flush with the wall, as she gently pulls it out, exposing what appear to be chunky blocks of wood.

As she keeps going, the Jenga logo becomes visible, confirming that the previous owners have used pieces from the stacking game as a quick fix.

Delaney said in the video: "When you buy a new home and find out how the previous owner fixed things."

Numerous TikTok users cracked jokes about her "Jenga house," claiming she is lucky it has not fallen down, in a nod to the tower-building and toppling game.

Commenting on the shoddy fix, Miranda Parnell Rapa said: "Lucky your house didn't fall down around you when you removed those two."

Cooper Auggie the Corgi wrote: "You removed it and the house didn't fall down so I'm pretty sure that means you won."

Another woman seemed impressed by the ingenuity of the repair, writing: "Dang! Showing this to my husband so we can finally fix ours!! Holes have gotten too big."

"I mean it's kinda clever," wrote a user called Ford.

Ellie Pierson joked: "TikTok has taught me when looking for a house I need to move everything that isn't nailed down but still try to move what I think is nailed down."

Themosboringmomonhere wrote: "Life held together like a game of Jenga? I mean, feels accurate."

DavePlays100 commented: "I feel no shame admitting I am absolutely saving / using this idea #nothandy."

Another curious home hit the headlines on Tuesday, after people couldn't decide if a woman's kitchen was real or a doll's house.

Charlotte Violet bought a cozy cottage in the English seaside town of Brighton and set about renovating it, sharing the transformation on TikTok.

The video of her kitchen, which she turned from an ordinary space with tiles and wooden cabinets into an airy green-themed room, has attracted a lot of attention online.

Some viewers reckoned something was amiss, with Beautyberriess asking: "What this isn't a doll house? I'm confused... it looks miniature."

Ocularrose wrote: "Idk why but you cannot convince me this isn't a miniature. Like I don't believe it's real."

Responding to these comments, Violet insisted her kitchen was full-sized. "I swear it's really my kitchen," she wrote.

Newsweek has contacted Delaney for comment.

Stock image of someone playing Jenga
Stock image of someone playing Jenga. A homeowner was shocked to find her bathroom fixtures propped up with Jenga blocks. Andranik Hakobyan/Getty Images