Video of Horse Performing TikTok Dance Takes the Internet by Storm

Horses are known to trot and canter but not so much do TikTok dances, until this one came along.

TikTok user and horse owner Jenny, @jomibaduja_jenny, shared a video five days ago on the social media app featuring horse Mitch performing a popular dance.

Of course, the dance isn't exact to the trending one, but it's impressively similar. The horse was able to perform tricks in time to "Classic" by MKTO, which has recently soundtracked a popular dance online.

In the video, the horse begins by kissing the face of its owner before taking off her jacket for her. The pair then begin to dance, with moves including bowing down and lifting its legs.

At one point, Mitch manages to jump into the air in a way similar to the classic Michael Jackson dance move, featured in the popular TikTok dance too.

"Classic" by MKTO, released in 2013, was a hit on social media app, the predecessor to TikTok. The dance to "Classic" is now a common one on the TikTok app with stars like JoJo Siwa and Stranger Things' Noah Schnapp uploading their versions of it and unsurprisingly amassing millions of views.

"This challenge is over now. They did the whole thing," commented one TikTok user.

"This is the best one yet. You've both won. End of," added another.

"Your horse does this dance better than I ever will," wrote one user.

Owner Jenny also looks after horses named Duke, Jack, Joey and Bae, and regularly uploads videos of them online too, gaining over 134,000 followers. Although they're equally as cute, none can dance quite like Mitch does.

Despite being the only horse to go viral for this specific dance, Mitch is certainly not the only online animal with very impressive talents.

Just this week Australian Shepherd Secret went viral after learning how to play hopscotch, inspired by Netflix's Squid Game.

Secret, trained by 21-year-old Mary, is also known to perfect her yoga moves with videos capturing her balancing in all kinds of yoga positions.

It doesn't just end there either, as she is able to Irish dance, paints and even recreates CPR in one video.

"I trained her myself to help me negotiate situations that are difficult for me because of autism," Mary told local outlet Whatcom Talk. "I think I just lucked out with Secret. She's smart and focused but not crazily high energy like other Aussies."