Horse Seen 'Getting Bathed' at Car Wash Sparks Police Investigation

Local police are investigating claims of potential animal abuse after several eyewitnesses claim to have seen a horse going through a car wash.

Belchertown, Massachusetts residents were startled to see a large brown horse getting bathed in an unidentified local car wash on Wednesday night. According to a report from Western Mass News, the animal was being held against a wall as a man points a pressure water hose to wash the animal.

The outlet added that residents took video and photo, which were sent to local authorities to investigate.

An anonymous source expressed her concern that the horse was being abused by an unknown owner. "You would never power wash yourself or an animal, let alone a horse or anything for that matter," she said. "So very, very disheartening to see in our little small town."

"You know, we're a small community and it definitely set off a lot of alarms for many people," she added.

Belchertown Police have launched a formal investigation with local animal control officials. A spokesperson told Western Mass News that they "did identify individuals possibly involved."

Social media activists have expressed disdain for the actions depicted in the photos, particularly on Reddit. "Who can afford a horse, but not a bucket of water?" one asked. Another tried making light of the story, jokingly posting, "I didn't know the Ford Bronco came in chestnut."

One Reddit commenter from Belchertown claimed to have insight into the situation. "My mom volunteers with the local shelter/animal control and apparently the horse's owner was trying to wash off a wound on its leg with the power washer," they wrote. "Complete dumbass. Not surprised to see us on the news for something like this lol."

Newsweek was unable to verify those claims made on Reddit. It was also not immediately clear if the horse required veterinary attention after the trip to the car wash.

A disturbing recent digital trend has focused on potential animal abuse, most notably on TikTok. In March, footage surfaced of a man punching a possum in the face "for views," while a woman gave her small dog fake press-on nails. Earlier this month, a TikToker went viral for her efforts to save her family's abandoned donkey.

Horse Car Wash
Police are investigating accusations that a horse was sent through a car wash. Al Bello/Getty Images