Househunter Shares 'Wildest' Listing After Finding Shower in the Open

A househunter has shared the "wildest listing" they've spotted, after spying a shower out in the open.

While storage solutions and flexible layouts are popular in today's market, it seems one owner has taken the concept to the extreme after merging the bathroom with a communal area.

Redditor M3s3dup shared a snap of the bizarre layout to the site's Funny forum on Wednesday, where it's already amassed nearly 50,000 upvotes.

"This might just be the wildest thing I've seen yet while house hunting," they captioned the photo.

It shows a large room with what looks like built-in units running along the left-hand side, resembling kitchen cabinets.

Rather than a place to cook, a desk chair and remote-working set-up seems to have been added, with a computer and screens on the workbench.

But most shocking of all in the photo is a shower in the corner by the door.

Rather than a completely enclosed unit, the strange orientation sees the shower head mounted on the wall, with only a short wall protecting the user's modesty.

The bonkers layout was questioned by numerous Redditors, after being cross-posted to the site's Ridiculous Real Estate site.

"Remember to not use an auto-tracking camera when you shower during a zoom meeting," FlametopFred joked.

The room's function baffled many, with people theorizing it could be part of the garage or a mud room.

But the presence of the shower near electricals still confused people, as Sailingcrab wrote: "At the very least, there should be a glass wall up between the desk and shower area."

Lovat69 echoed that, saying: "Having a spray shower with a detachable head right next to your computer set up seems like a very bad idea to me."

Moistlyhard joked: "A home office kitchen bathroom? People don't have these?"

VanIsleDrums commented: "Can you please not shower while I'm [in] a Zoom meeting!?"

Not everyone was completely against the layout, though, as Fatbob2020 admitted: "Honestly if this was my basement I would love to have a place to wash the dog as soon as we come through the door."

And Elmodogg wrote: "My mother did a similar thing: she put a shower in the downstairs laundry room, right next to the back door. It looks weird, but it worked for her after she couldn't climb stairs anymore."

While it wasn't confirmed where the property is, the watermark on the image is WFRMLS, suggesting it could be from Wasatch Front, in Utah.

According to property website Zillow, the average cost of a home in Utah is $529,509, data up until January 2022 shows.

They noted: "Utah home values have gone up 29.6% over the past year."

Last January they said the average figure was $408,000, while in January 2020 it was $360,000.

Newsweek reached out to m3s3dup for comment.

File photo of someone showering.
File photo of someone showering. A househunter has shared a "wild" listing to Reddit, where it's attracting a lot of attention. NDStock/Getty Images