The 'How Bad Is Your Spotify' AI Is Here to Judge Your Taste in Music

Want to indulge in some self-loathing to end an already terrible year? Look no further than the "How Bad Is Your Spotify" app that will cruelly rag on your taste in music.

The A.I., created by digital culture publication The Pudding, is akin to a meaner, less thorough yet still fun version of Spotify's popular Wrapped function, which rounds up a person's most played songs among other things.

Users that visit The Pudding website are invited to let its "sophisticated A.I." judge "your awful taste in music." They are then asked to log in to Spotify through the web page. The A.I. promises to only scan your music, and not change anything on your account.

It can sometimes take a moment for the website to load as Spotify limits how many people can use the app at once, according to The Pudding.

The A.I. will ask you questions about your listening habits, like whether you "really listen" to certain songs, and poke fun at your favurite genre and artists. Users can also play a game of "f*ck marry kill" featuring artists they have listened to on Spotify, before getting a final score. This gives a rundown of tracks you listen to "too much," artists you stan "to an uncomfortable extent," rates how basic your tastes are, and highlights the decade you're "stuck" in.

According to the website, the A.I. "knows what's good" because it has been "trained on a corpus of over two million indicators of objectively good music, including Pitchfork reviews, record store recommendations, and subreddits you've never heard of."

Spotify users who haven't looked at their Wrapped and want a more detailed insight into their listening habits than The Pudding offers can visit Features on Spotify Wrapped include a playlist of the top songs from 2020 that you may want to hear, as well as a playlist that combines your favorite artists of the year with talk and music.

This year, Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny was the most streamed artist on Spotify, with more than 8.3 billion listens, while Billie Eilish was the most-streamed female artist for the second year in a row.

Apple Music users can also join in with the fun, with the "Replay" feature launched last year.

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A smart phone with the music app Spotify is seen on the screen in Hong Kong, Hong Kong, on July 30, 2018. The Pudding has launched an app that makes fun of people's listening habits on Spotify. Yu Chun Christopher Wong/S3studio/Getty Images