How Do You Remove Alien Parasites in 'Fortnite'?

Alien parasites have been added to Fortnite's "Invasion" season, leaving many fans wondering what exactly they do and if they can be removed.

Tuesday saw the launch of Fortnite update 17.10, which introduced a variety of new mechanics to the popular battle royale. Among other things, the latest patch added zero-gravity areas to the map, bonus cosmetic rewards for the overhauled battle pass, and mothership experiments that grant you an opportunity to earn valuable loot.

These changes were in addition to the usual bug fixes and balancing tweaks that players expect from a patch like this.

Arguably the most substantial change from the update was the introduction of a new species of wildlife, simply known as alien parasites. These symbiotic creatures resemble overgrown leaches with multiple eyestalks protruding from their bodies, and they can now be found roaming around the game's island.

What Alien Parasites Do in Fortnite Invasion

Alien parasites attach themselves to any living organism in their vicinity. You will often find them fused to animals like chickens, boars or wolves and, if you kill their hosts, they will try to leach onto you. The facehugger-esque monsters also spawn from green eggs that are scattered around the map, so be hyper vigilant for them.

Having a parasite attached to your head does come with a few perks, as they will shield you from headshot damage and double your movement speed. On the other hand, they will gradually sap away at your health bar until it hits 60 percent, putting you at a disadvantage when fighting other players. Thankfully, they do not drain your shields, so you will at least have some form of defense.

With the various benefits and drawbacks, you will need to make a judgment call about whether an alien parasite is something you actually want. If you do get one by mistake, or you later change your mind, then they are relatively simple to remove.

How to Remove Alien Parasites in Fortnite Invasion

A Fortnite Player With an Alien Parasite
Victory royales are still attainable with an alien parasite, as long as you know how to manage them. Epic Games

Before you get rid of your alien parasite, it is worth trying to live with it for a trial period. All you need to do is keep yourself stocked up on healing supplies (particularly the fast-acting bandages) and you will be able to replenish your life bar at the same rate that the creature is draining it.

If you manage to do this, then you will remain in fighting condition while simultaneously benefiting from the increased agility and headshot protection that the alien provides. The last players standing in recent matches often have parasites attached to them for this very reason.

If you decide that the health sacrifice is too high a price, then you can just remove your parasite through a number of simple methods. The creatures will automatically separate from their hosts after being shot by other players, or if they come into contact with fire.

Of course, either of those two methods will damage you as well so, to avoid putting yourself in danger, you can always go for a swim instead. The parasites will immediately detach themselves in water and there are plenty of rivers and lakes to be found across the island. As such, it is quite an easy fix.

Once the parasite has separated from your head, it will leave you alone for a few seconds, giving you a chance to escape.

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A Fortnite Player With an Alien Parasite
When attatched to your head, alien parasites will grant you increased movement speed and protection from headshots, but will also drain your health bar. Epic Games