How Texas Can Save America | Opinion

The state of Texas is being forced to answer one of the greatest constitutional questions facing America today: what do you do when the federal government refuses to enforce its own laws?

For decades, conservatives have lamented the interference of the federal government into the business of state and local politics. But the Biden administration's border disaster inverts that challenge—the federal government has abandoned one of its core responsibilities to its citizens and states.

Now, Texas can be the blueprint for the rest of red America. It can model how to proactively solve an unprecedented immigration crisis that the White House not only does nothing about, but has time and again actively inflamed.

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is reportedly preparing for the possibility of up to 400,000 migrants trying to cross the border this month. Four hundred thousand in one month. To put that into perspective, that's more than the population of New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Tampa, Buffalo, Orlando or Cleveland. This comes after reports that 1.8 million illegal migrants are expected to come over the border this year.

To make matters even worse, Mayorkas has just ordered ICE to stop conducting worksite raids in an effort to limit exactly the type of enforcement that has historically deterred illegal immigration. Other red states, citing "manpower and budgetary constraints," have been forced to pull National Guard and state troopers from the border after they'd been stationed there over the summer months.

Texas governor Greg Abbott, to his credit, has made some attempts to limit illegal immigration where the feds have failed. Those attempts include building new border barriers and using Texas' emergency powers to increase the charge for state crimes that migrants commit should they breach the barriers.

But it is time to do more. Much more.

Texas gov. Greg Abbott
AUSTIN, TX - JULY 10: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott speaks during a border security briefing with sheriffs from border communities at the Texas State Capitol on July 10 in Austin, Texas. Border Security is among the priority items on Gov. Abbotts agenda for the 87th Legislatures special session. Tamir Kalifa/Getty Images

Here's what needs to happen: Governor Abbott should mobilize every single Texas Ranger possible, send them down to the border with handcuffs and load up plane after plane, or truck after truck, with those attempting to illegally cross the border and transport them back to where they came from. This can all be done safely and humanely, and knowing the good people of Texas, it would be.

Texas should then deputize its citizens to form a volunteer border patrol. There would be so many Texan men and women signing up to protect the border that they could stand shoulder to shoulder all along the Rio Grande.

This kind of action would inspire Americans across the country, and would require the administration to take action, either against illegal immigration into Texas or against the state of Texas itself. But as public support for Biden's de facto open border policy continues to sag, declaring battle against a state attempting to defend its border and its citizens would be a PR nightmare. This administration rules almost exclusively by what's good PR, and what's bad PR. Using law enforcement to punish those upholding the law would be an awful look.

Many Republicans will instinctively recoil at such measures. They are stuck in a kinder, gentler political paradigm, circa 2012, and are unwilling to adjust to dangerous and malevolent intentions of the radical Left—now the dominant force within the Democratic Party. Consider how blue states regularly flout federal law in both letter and spirit. From marijuana companies and banking laws, to sanctuary states and cities, to elections which allow non-citizens to vote on local issues, the Left doesn't let a "pesky law" get in the way.

To Republicans who feel it would be a bridge too far, or otherwise out of step with the conservative movement, for Texas to take responsibility for its border, consider this: while state- and city-level Democrats openly defy federal law, Republicans need only the courage to openly enforce it.

This isn't just a political calculation. It's a moral one. It's moral to bring order and the rule of law back to our southern border. It's moral to deter human traffickers. It's moral to stop the flow of drugs into our communities. It's moral to deter cartels which regularly rape, exploit and kill migrants.

We don't have much time. Texas needs to get to work immediately. Governor Abbott must use Texas law, use the Texas Rangers, use the Texas National Guard and a whole volunteer border patrol—and challenge Biden to stop him.

If Texas stands up now, the America we know and love will survive; but if Texas falters, maybe it doesn't deserve to.

Charlie Kirk is the founder and president of Turning Point USA and host of the top-rated podcast and nationally syndicated Salem radio program, The Charlie Kirk Show

The views expressed in this article are the writer's own.