Huge Cannibal Alligator Filmed Tenderizing Smaller Gator in Florida Spring

A big-headed cannibal alligator has been filmed tenderizing a smaller gator that it was about to eat in a Florida spring.

Kayla Jane of Kayla Jane's Crystal Kayaks took the footage in Florida's Silver Springs, a historic tourist attraction, and posted it to Facebook. The alligator, dubbed Big Head Fred, can be seen with a much smaller alligator in his jaws. The alligator then swings the smaller creature back and slams it into the ground. It is unclear whether the smaller alligator is already dead at the time, but it appears motionless.

Big Head Fred then swings the alligator back once again and pummels it to the ground.

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This alligator has been known to eat other alligators before, and it is not uncommon for the reptiles to indulge in cannibalism.

Alligators may eat each other for multiple reasons. They are extremely territorial creatures, which can provoke them into killing and eating each other. Survival may be another reason for this behavior, depending on what other sources of prey are available.

Florida is home to 1.3 million alligators. They can be found in all 67 counties of the state, whose population is over 21 million. Although the reptiles appear aggressive, they usually pose little danger to humans unless directly provoked.

An alligator in Florida dubbed Big Head Fred (not pictured) has been filmed eating a smaller member of the species. Cindy Larson/Getty

Another video posted to Kayla Jane's Crystal Kayaks shows Big Head Fred's "latest victim" floating in the water.

"Big Head Fred's latest victim, No head Ted," a caption to the video said.

The footage shows an alligator lying in the water with its stomach up. The alligator's head appears to be completely gone. It is not clear whether this was the same alligator Fred was beating up in the last video.

The first video has received 1,600 likes on Facebook and received over 200 comments. Social media users expressed surprise at the alligator's behavior.

"Interesting! I didn't know alligators ate other alligators!" said one. Another said: "Where was this cuz I wanna stay far away from Fred."

One user suspected Fred was trying to get smaller pieces off the smaller alligator.

"Fred is trying to twist off pieces small enough to swallow. Gators eat their kill fresh. Crocs tend to stick things under a log for a while to soften up," onthey commented.

"Hey Fred!!! I think it's dead already!!! Daaaaang," another social media user said.

"Alligators prefer prey they can swallow whole, so if it's [too] big he will rip it up first. Looks like he is trying to rip his head off so he can swallow it," another Facebook user said.

Newsweek contacted Kayla Jane for a comment.