Huge Male Black Mamba Looking for Love Found Outside Woman's Front Door

A huge 8.2-foot male black mamba looking for a mate was found lurking outside a woman's front door in South Africa.

The property in Reservoir Hills has been somewhat of a hotspot for black mambas over the past month. Snake catcher Nick Evans—who owns a snake removal business in the Greater Durban area—said on a Facebook post that it was the sixth black mamba to be found there in recent weeks.

At the beginning of May, Evans arrived at the property to remove a female black mamba. Not long afterwards, Evans was called there again to move two males, who were lurking in exactly the same spot. Then, on June 2, he arrived there again only to find a male and female mating—again, in the same spot.

Situations such as this aren't uncommon during mating season. Male snakes will be attracted to the scent of a female, causing several to be drawn to the same spot.

Black mambas are the longest venomous snakes in Africa—their bite could kill a person in under 30 minutes. The species is usually shy and will not attack unless directly provoked. However, they often slither into properties in search of food, meaning conflicts do occur.

When Evans arrived to remove the sixth snake, he noticed that it was in a slightly different spot to the others.

"Usually, at this property, the mambas are sprawled out on beams, on the side of the property. You look down on them," he said on Facebook. "Well, today, everyone's worst fears came true—one of the mambas had come up to where one stands! The one staff member, she has a room there. The mamba was at her doorway."

The snake—spooked after seeing people—slithered under a shipping container to hide. Evans said on the Facebook post that his "hopes weren't high."

"The space it squeezed under was tiny. I couldn't believe it got under there. Then, to my amazement, I saw it! Its body was sticking out of the side of the container," he said. "At the same time, this was incredibly frustrating, as the gap was far too small for me to do anything."

Evans got a hose pipe, and stuck it underneath to get the snake moving. It was then "keen to come out," and Evans managed to secure the tail.

However the snake still wouldn't budge.

"I waited and waited. I tried poking its front half with my hook," he said. "Then, I tried the hose and running water. That did the trick! The mamba quickly reversed out of there, and I had it secure."

This male snake was the biggest male he had found at the property so far, measuring 8.2 feet.

"Yes, he was very likely there looking for the large female that I removed the other day," Evans said. "I think the staff there enjoy the excitement, and I am always grateful they call. The lady who has a room there, I don't think she's too happy. I spoke to the neighbor. She said she's moving."

Black mamba
A stock photo shows a black mamba. A male was found slithering around a property looking for a mate. MarieHolding/Getty