Hurricane Irma's Ferocity Was No Match for Hemingway House's 54 Cats

Janet Flanner and Ernest Hemingway at a table in the Deux Magots café in Paris in 1944. Hemingway's House in Key West reported no damages after Hurricane Irma made landfall. Glasshouse Images/Newscom

Catastrophe averted!

The 10 staffers and 54 polydactyl cats at the Hemingway House in Key West are safe after Hurricane Irma churned over Florida's island chain this weekend, leaving no structural damage to the property.

"All cats and staff are happy," Vicky Furman, Hemingway Home's wedding coordinator, told Newsweek. Furman added that the museum will reopen once debris on the streets is removed and tourists begin to return to Key West. "I believe [staff] began to clean the [museum's] yard," she said.

Curator Dave Gonzales told NBC News that the six-toed cats didn't have to waste one of their nine lives because felines took refuged because they can tell when the storm was approaching. "They're smarter than human beings," he added.

WATCH: Curator: Hemingway House in the Keys is intact -- and the 54 six-toed cats are safe -- after Hurricane #Irma.

— NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt (@NBCNightlyNews) September 11, 2017

"We have three power generators and have plugged in our refrigerators to keep our food supply," he added. "it's a safe building and it's a cool building.… It's a great comfortable place for our cats and things will get back to normal."

Hurricane Irma blew over Key West on Sunday, but the area did not suffer the expected damage, The Washington Post reported. The storm surge did not exceed three feet; however, water is scarce, trees were uprooted and power hasn't been restored in the southernmost part of continental U.S.

Meanwhile, Twitter users were excited to know about the fate of Hemingway House's cats:

Just heard from friend w/family in Key West. The Hemingway house is intact as are the 6 toed cats, for those thinking about that place.

— Chantel Acevedo (@chantelacevedo) September 10, 2017

I just need a constant live update on the Hemingway kitties, kthx #HurricaneIrma #KeyWest #HemingwayCats #hemingwayhouse

— meow meow 🐱🖤 (@blackcatperez) September 10, 2017

As the threat of Hurricane Irma was looming, Key West authorities issued mandatory evacuations to all residents, but the Hemingway House staff—including 72-year-old Sands—opted to stay inside the museum. Mariel Hemingway, the Nobel Prize laureate's granddaughter, implored Sands to leave the house with the cats. Sands, however, decided to stay citing that she had "an obligation to take care of the building and the cats."

After all, staff members and the 54 cats have lived up to one of Hemingway's famous quotes: "Courage is grace under pressure."