Husband Dragged for Sharing Bed With Friend While Visiting Her Hometown

The internet has dragged a married man for sharing a bed with a female friend while away from home.

After his wife discovered what he had done, she took to the popular discussion site Mumsnet to discuss her feelings and ask for advice.

"How would you feel if your husband shared a bed with his oldest female friend?" asked the poster. She continued to explain: "[The] circumstance [was] at an event in her home town and [he] hadn't booked a hotel. Small sofa bed [was] available, but [they] chose to share a bed."

The situation sparked debate and hundreds of comments on the message board site, with replies overwhelmingly slamming the man for choosing to share a bed with his female friend.

Man and woman feet in bed
A stock image of a woman and man's feet in bed apart from each other. The internet has slammed a husband who shared a bed with his oldest friend while on a trip to her hometown. Prostock-Studio/Getty Images

"I'd be absolutely furious and would make me question their entire friendship," said one commenter.

While most of us believe we have a pretty clear idea of what is and isn't cheating, a 2013 survey commissioned jointly with HuffPost Divorce and YouGov asked 1,000 U.S. adults what they would consider adultery.

While participants weren't asked about sharing a bed, those surveyed did have strong feelings about other behaviors. Some 79 percent of people said they would consider it cheating if their partner sent sexy text messages or pictures to someone else, and 60 percent said that forming a deep emotional connection with someone would be cheating.

The wife explained that she found out quite organically when her husband mentioned it to her without hesitation after the trip. But she was still uncomfortable and other Mumsnet users shared how they would feel in the same situation.

One commenter said: "I wouldn't be down with this. I don't even think I would like them sharing a room," while another Mumsnet user wrote: "I'd feel it was and I'd ask him how he'd feel if I shared a bed with a male friend."

"It's an unusually intimate thing to choose to do when there was another option. I'd kip on the sofa before getting in bed with a man other than my husband," said another comment.

But one commenter shared how she had slept in a bed with someone else's husband while insisting it was completely innocent: "I've done it. Was at an event with friends and we were staying over. The day I was going home I felt unwell. One of our group, who was a good friend of mine, was staying for several nights. We tried to book a second room so I could stay and not drive home but there were none. We slept in the same bed that night. Not a thing happened between us."

One reply suggested that as they were old friends, they would feel more comfortable with it: "One of his oldest friends who happens to be female, wouldn't bother me. A newer female friend I'd be furious. Not quite sure where the line gets drawn."

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