'Competitive' Husband Slammed for Reminding Wife He Earns Double Her Salary

A competitive husband has been accused of overstepping the mark after he mocked his wife for the fact she earns half what he does.

While much about the modern workplace has evolved to help women, the gender gap in pay remains.

According to analysis from the Pew Research Center, in 2020 women in the U.S. earned 84 percent of what men were being paid. To put that difference into perspective—that means women would have to work an extra 42 days to earn what men did over a year

The analysis noted that although the gap is narrowing, with more women taking higher-paid professional and managerial positions previously dominated by men, they still remained "over-represented" in lower-paying occupations.

While issues like gender discrimination persist, one of the most common contributors to the gender pay disparity was found to be motherhood, which can significantly disrupt a woman's career path and long-term earning power.

It's a situation that has no doubt left many women with a palpable sense of frustration in the workplace—and for one person, that frustration has now boiled over into her home life after her husband appeared to mock her comparative lack of earning power.

Joke Over a Game of Cards

Writing on Mumsnet under the handle Indiesearcher, the unnamed woman described how things got heated between the couple after a night playing cards together.

According to the post, she kept winning, prompting her to joke: "You can't beat me at anything!" To her obvious shock, her husband retorted: "I can beat you at salary. I double your salary."

Eager not to let things lie, she reminded him she may have been earning more too if she "hadn't taken years out to raise our children" and also moved "halfway around the world" for his job.

At this point he began "sulking," evidently unhappy at her for turning the tables, and eventually "walked out the room" to go and sleep in their spare bed.

But while her husband was left feeling a sense of resentment at his wife's remark, many on social media felt she was the one who was right to feel aggrieved after he brought up his salary.

TheDoveFromAboveCooCoo called it a "s****y comment" adding: "I earn 3 times what my husband does and I would never ever use that against him or even bring it up in conversation!"

Theunamedcat said it was clear her joke had "bruised his ego"with frustratedhostage agreeing that his remark was "very insensitive."

SparklingLime felt his reaction was "very telling," commenting: "So he got his ego bruised over a game and his reaction was to lash out at you over a really important and by definition sensitive issue."

Not everyone sided with the wife, of course.

PlasticineMeg felt she was being "a bit over sensitive" in reacting to the remark. "Unless salary is a consistent sticking point, it's just two people joking with each other," they added.

Burnamer felt her first comment was "a bit mean" and he was evidently "hurt and responded badly." They wrote: "If everything is otherwise good, can you both agree to forget it and move on?"

But the majority felt he was ultimately the one who had crossed a line.

As one user, DarkDarkNight, put it: "He probably wouldn't be earning as much if he had to do 50% of the childcare, and drop hours to accommodate this."

"It would make me think if he is actually quite resentful towards you earning less without actually realizing and being grateful for the sacrifices you have made."

Newsweek has contacted Indiesearcher for comment.

A man holding up a paycheck.
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