Husky Fights Against Being Put in Bath in Hilarious Viral Video

Taking a bath is something that most humans relish, however one husky on TikTok had a different view entirely about the prospect of a good old soak.

In a video that's gone viral on the app with more than 17.7 million views, a large dog called Winter can be seen doing everything she can to try and avoid getting into the tub.

The clip, which was shared by an account called Winterthehuskymalamute, begins with a woman carrying Winter down the corridor as her limbs flail about.

The animal is attempting to wriggle from her grip, and the video then cuts to her being dragged backwards into the bathroom as she tries with all her might to escape.

Text overlaying the footage, which can be watched here, reads: "Bath time! Every time!"

Winterthehuskymalamute captioned the eventful clip, writing: "Huskies vs bathes at home she's different at the spa #dogbath #dogspa #comedy #dogsoftiktok #fyp #female #spa."

The hilarious clip has gained lots of traction online since it was posted on April 30, surpassing 1.9 million likes and 111,000 shares.

Many people have taken to the comments section to share their thoughts on the funny video.

One TikTok user, Bigtrev1991, wrote: "My lab launches herself into the river or lake on our walks but the bathroom is a level 10 no go area."

Another person called I Know All Dog Breeds Doggie added: "He's like a toddler that doesn't like to bath (its the worst) and I have siblings."

Aliali321658996544 shared: "My dog hates it as well your so strong."

Wolf Forever Home admitted: "It is very relatable every time we bath our dogs."

Liz revealed: "That's so funny I think quite a lot dogs are the same."

Seumas Mac an Toisic stated: "Lol their the trust was lost the moment his paws hit the water when I finally got him in."

Shepard360 observed: "That dog got more tantrum than a child."

Gvqil commented: "That dog weighs more pounds than me- (joke nobody weighs more than me)."

Cherietaylor346 stated: "My dog when he don't wanna take a bath lol his two worst fears as literally a broom and taking a bath."

However, for those of you that do enjoy baths more than Winter you can now get paid $5,000 to stay in luxury New York hotels and sample their bathtubs.

The alluring position of "Bath Boss" has been advertised by and it involves a stay, and a bath, at The Dominick, The Langham and Mr C. Seaport.

Aside from the "salary," the role comes with "a $1,000 travel stipend, plush bath accessories, custom robe, slippers and eye mask to set the tone for the ultimate hotel experience."

Siberian Husky
A file photo of a husky. On TikTok a similar-looking dog went viral due to his dislike for bath time. Mary Swift/Getty Images