Puppy Thrown Out of Daycare for Lying on Other Dogs Has Internet in Stitches

A husky with a penchant for jumping on the backs of other dogs has gone viral, leaving the internet in stitches.

The pet was even thrown out of a dog daycare for its overexcitable conduct—evidence of which has been posted online in a video montage by a TikTok user Stephmalak.

The footage begins with a close-up shot of the puppy, looking entirely innocent, overlaid with text that reads: "When you get kicked out of daycare for laying on the other dogs."

Next is a hilarious selection of snaps showing the white and grey dog in action on the back of other dogs, or caught trying to clamber on.

The photographs are equal parts humorous and adorable, as it appears that some dogs are more accepting of the maneuver than others.

Stephmalak captioned the funny video, which can be watched here, writing: "It's called dominance #husky #fyp."

She also went on to clarify: "Our trainer put him with one dog at a time that she knew would correct him and he doesn't do this anymore just enjoy the funny pics we got out of it."

The footage has gained a lot of traction online since it was posted on August 5, and has so far been viewed 15.6 million times and received 4.4 million likes.

Many people rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on the husky's action.

One TikTok user, Foehammer419, wrote: "They would be the type of person who covers your eyes and says guess who."

Another person, Sparkletitty, added: "He looks like a drunk person that takes photos with everyone at a party LMAO."

Heymakenna typed: "The way he posed for almost every photo. Omg I am crying!"

Maria_bbbbbbbb said: "He looks like he would take a picture and then yell "NOW A SILLY ONE" and pretend he's on a roller coaster."

Singingsquirtle commented: "My dog is also, too bright, for other dogs... she's just passionate and playful (1.5 year old lab) and can come off a bit strong for other dogs," alongside a sad-faced emoji.

Createxhavoc stated: "AKA he doesn't know boundaries and probably didn't listen to the correction of the dogs and people there... just like most untrained husky pups lol."

Therapydave joked: "The ones that aren't fighting back have already accepted their fate."

In other dog-related news, a video recently went viral showing a woman faking a phone call using her two German Shepherds' favorite words.

She spoke about the park, puppies and sticks, among other things, and the canine duo's perplexed reaction had the internet in stitches.

Newsweek have contacted Stephmalak for comment.

A husky puppy
A stock image of an excitable-looking husky puppy. On TikTok a husky has gone viral after he was thrown out of daycare for mounting other dogs. Getty