Woman Fakes Call Using Dogs' Favorite Words, Their Reaction Is Hilarious

A woman told her dogs a story using all their favorite words, and their reaction is equal parts hilarious and adorable.

In the footage, which was posted to TikTok by account Hazelandmotleygsd, we can see two large German Shepherds sat in a living room opposite their owner.

An automated voice can then be heard saying: "Answer a phone call and use all your dogs' favorite words."

A ringtone begins to play/ The woman answers the call and says: "Hello? Oh, we are just at home hanging out with Hazel and Motley.

"Yeah, they were very good pups today, they went for a walk.

The two pets, one wearing a pink collar and the other with a blue one, then cock their heads to one side in surprise, before she continues: "Yeah, the walk was really good. On the walk, we saw a few puppies.

"But then, um, Motley found a stick and a ball."

The woman now has large dogs' undivided attention as they stare at her, while tilting their heads from side to side in confusion.

She then adds: "He took the ball and he went to the park, and after the park we went to the dog park and that's where we threw the ball, then we jumped in the pool and went swimming."

The dogs look hilarious as they twist their heads in unison, clearly gobsmacked at the content of the call, which ends: "They did so good, yeah."

Hazel and Motley then turn away from their owner, as if irritated at her for getting them excited which only makes the clip all the more amusing.

Hazelandmotleygsd has captioned the post, writing: "Head tilts for days! #fyp #gsdoftiktok #foryou #viral."

The humorous footage, which can be watched here, was shared to TikTok on August 5.

Since then it has gone viral, having so far been viewed by a whopping 14.2 million people and surpassed 1.7 million likes.

Many people also rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on the adorable video.

One TikTok user, Anna31401, wrote: "The way they look at each other like 'you hear what she's saying??'"

Another person, Diesldragon, added: "They're like no we didn't! What are you talking about mom?"

Nat.is.in.the.club typed: "The way they looked at each other at the end," alongside a laughing-face emoji.

Stickyaustralia gushed: "oh my gosh that's so cute, their little head tilts,"

Hagrid1214 commented: "The dogs are like what did she just sayyy."

Dogs hiding under a blanket
A stock image of two dogs looking quizzical. In a viral video on TikTok a pair of pooches have a humorous reaction to being told a story involving their favorite words. Getty Images