Man Missing for 10 Days Found Dead in Fuel Tanker

An Illinois man was found dead inside a gas tanker after two truck drivers hauling the vehicle noticed that the fuel was not flowing smoothly when they tried to unload it.

The drivers discovered the dead body inside of the tanker on Friday morning while at a gas transfer hub located near to the village of Buckley, Illinois, around 100 miles from Chicago, according to WCIA-TV.

Coroner Bill Cheatum told the station that the drivers said that they had struggled to unload gas from the tanker for around two days and were unsure how the man's body had gotten inside the vehicle.

Following an autopsy on Saturday, the Iroquois County Sheriff's Department identified the deceased man as 29-year-old Garrett Meyer, from Nashville, Illinois, according to WCIA-TV.

Meyer had been missing for around 10 days when he was found, with his family believing he had embarked on a road trip. It is currently unclear how long his body was inside the tanker.

Meyer's family said that he did not own a tanker or know anyone in Buckley, as his stepfather Mike Metcalf told the station: "We got a lot of questions we'd like to have answers to we ain't go them yet. I'm hoping the truth does come out."

An obituary was published online for Meyer, which revealed that the 29-year-old graduated from Nashville Community High School and worked at the BP Gas Station in his hometown.

Meyer is preceded in "death by his father, Dennis Meyer; maternal grandfather, Raymond Reid and paternal grandparents, Chesley and Jane Meyer," according to the obituary. An investigation into Meyer's death is ongoing.

In May, a 40-year-old man was found dead inside the leg of a decorative papier-mâché dinosaur statue in Spain after being reported missing by his family just a few hours earlier.

The unnamed man was found dead by a father and son in the Barcelona suburb of Santa Coloma de Gramenet at around 12:00 p.m. local time on May 22, according to local news site El Mirall.

Shortly after the body was found, the police ruled out the possibility of the deceased man being homeless, as he was reported missing by his family just a few hours before his body was discovered.

The department told ARA that it believed the man get stuck in the statue after he crawled inside it to recover his phone that he had dropped, before getting stuck when he fell upside down.

Newsweek has contacted the Illinois State Police for comment.

Illinois man found dead in gas tanker
Tanker truck driving on the freeway through the hills of Alameda County, East San Francisco Bay Area, California. An Illinois man was found dead inside a gas tanker on Friday June 4. Sundry Photography/iStock / Getty Images Plus