'Increasingly Aggressive' Bear Follows Family Half a Mile in 'Crazy' Video

A bear was spotted following a couple and their children while they were out on a hike in a TikTok video viewed more than five million times.

Posted to the TikTok account @brightonpeachy, the clip shows a large bear following the TikTok user's husband as he was carrying their baby and holding their 6-year-old child's hand.

Although they tried to yell at the bear to stop it from coming any closer, it was unphased and continued to follow the family.

Black Bear on Trail
A woman posted a now-viral video showing a bear that was following her and her family while they were out hiking. Above, a stock image of a black bear. JenDeVos/iStock

According to the National Park Service, if a family is out with children when they have an encounter with a bear, the adults are advised to immediately pick up small children.

Hikers should also remain still, slowly wave their arms and speak in a calm tone of voice.

"Continue to talk to the bear in low tones; this will help you stay calmer, and it won't be threatening to the bear," the agency recommended. "A scream or sudden movement may trigger an attack."

In the video, @brightonpeachy showed the bear as it followed her husband and children on the trail from a distance. Text overlaying the clip stated that the bear followed them for more than half a mile despite their efforts to turn it away.

"Hey bear," @brightonpeachy yelled out as she urged her child not to run.

The couple continued to yell at the bear and waved their arms before they continued on their way.

"My 6 yr old as calm as a cucumber #bearencounter #himingwithkids #outdoorsfamily #crazyvideo," read the caption of her video.

Before the video concluded, the family continued to walk on the trail at a faster pace while still yelling at the bear to no avail.

We later learned this area has been closed multiple times because of this [bear's] increasingly aggressive behavior

"We later learned this area has been closed multiple times because of this [bear's] increasingly aggressive behavior," the text over the clip read.

In a second video, @brightonpeachy shared that her family ran into another group of hikers, but the bear still was not scared off. The large group continued hiking down the trail together until they lost sight of the bear.

It was then that the group split up, but @brightonpeachy said that the bear followed them for a "long ways," despite doing what they were supposed to do to scare it off.

Although @brightonpeachy said they were "on edge" while they hiked back, she noted that the family returned home safely.

TikToker Reactions

Many viewers commended @brightonpeachy and her husband for their calm approach and how they handled the situation, despite how tense it was.

"Very calm parents, great job," a TikTok user wrote.

I can't imagine how you were feeling with your babies.
TikTok commenter

"So scary," another commented. "I can't imagine how you were feeling with your babies."

"What an amazing story to tell," one viewer commented. "And your kids were surely kept calm by your demeanor. Scary encounter but you handled it perfectly."

"Props to you guys for knowing what to do and staying calm with kids," a viewer wrote. "That bear would be put down for somebody's reckless mistakes."

Newsweek reached out to @brightonpeachy for further comment.

Other TikTok users managed to capture their own encounters with bears.

One video shows a black bear that was at a wedding and knocked over a centerpiece and the cutlery.

A clip showed a group of three bears walking along a busy road when one of them split from the group, approached a vehicle and gave a high-five to a driver who had their hand reaching out to the animal.

Another video showed a bear walking into a 7-Eleven location and using the store's hand sanitizer machine.